Julie Rose Clapton [Eric Clapton Daughter] Age, Boyfriend, Net Worth

20-year-old Julie Rose Clapton is the eldest daughter of rock guitarist, singer, and songwriter Eric Clapton and his wife, Melia McEnery.

Eric is regarded as one of the most influential guitarists of all time.

Julie Rose Clapton Quick Facts

Birthday: June 13, 2001

Birthplace: Columbus, Ohio, USA

Age: 20 years old

Zodiac Sign: Gemini

Height: 5 feet 3 inches

Weight: 52 kg

Relationship Status: Single

Boyfriend: Not Disclosed

Children: N/A

Net Worth: Unknown

Julie Rose Clapton Age, Background

Julie Rose Clapton was born on June 13, 2001, making her 20 years old.

She hails from Columbus, Ohio, USA.

Julie is the daughter of Eric Clapton and Melia McEnery.

Eric Clapton is a renowned rock and blues guitarist, singer, and songwriter.

Julie grew up with two siblings named Elle May and Sophie Belle.

Additionally, she has two half-siblings from her father’s relationship before her parent’s marriage.

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Julie Rose Clapton Siblings

Julie Rose Clapton with her sisters
Julie Rose Clapton with her sisters. (Biographymask)

The star kid Julie Rose has two biological siblings and two half-siblings from her father’s previous relationships.

Julie’s siblings are Ella May Clapton and Sophie Belle Clapton. She also had a half-brother named Conor Clapton, but unfortunately, Conor died at the age of four in an accident.

Julie’s half-siblings are Ruth Kelly Clapton and Loren Del Santo.

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Sister Ruth Kelly Clapton

Ruth Kelly Clapton was born in 1985 to Eric Clapton and his then-mistress Yvonne Kelly. Today she is 35 years old today.

Ruth followed in her father’s footsteps in the music industry. She is a singer and songwriter.

Ruth Kelly Clapton was previously married to Dean Bartlett. However, the couple has since separated.

Dean and Ruth have two children named Isaac Eric Owen Bartlett and Theodore Ivan Bartlett.

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Late Brother Conor Clapton

Julie had a brother named Conor Clapton, born on August 21, 1986, to Eric Clapton and Lory Del Santo.

Unfortunately, Conor died at the young age of four when he fell from a 53-story apartment on March 20, 1991.

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Late Brother Loren Del Santo

Loren Del Santo was born in 1991 to Eric Clapton and his then mistress Lory Del Santo.

Unfortunately, Loren is no more today, as in August 2018, he took his own life.

Lory told the media that her son Loren Del Santo, who was 19 at the time of death, had a serious brain disease that caused him to take his life.

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Sister Ella May Clapton

Julie’s younger sister Ella May Clapton was born on January 14, 2003, to Eric Clapton and Melia McEnery.

As of today, Ella May Clapton is 19 years old and studying at university.

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Sister Sophie Belle Clapton

Julie’s youngest sister, Sophie Belle Clapton, was born on February 1, 2005, to Eric Clapton and Melia McEnery.

As of today, Sophie Belle is 17 years old and studies in high school.

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Father Eric Clapton’s Affairs

Eric has been linked with numerous women in the past that, over the years, has affected his hard-earned respect.

Back in 1979, he was married to his first wife, Pattie Boyd, an English model, novelist, and photographer.

Pattie was previously married to George Harrison. After Eric Clapton pursued her for many years, the couple began having an affair while Pattie was still married to George Harrison.

Eric and Pattie married shortly after she divorced her husband.

In 1979, Eric and Pattie married each other. However, their relationship only lasted for about a decade.

While married to Pattie, Eric welcomed a daughter, Ruth Kelly Clapton, from his extra-marital affair with Yvonne Kelly.

Pattie and Eric separated and divorced when Pattie learned about Eric’s affair with Italian TV personality Lorey Del Santo.

Eric went ahead and welcomed two songs with Lorey, Conor Clapton, and Loren Del Santo. Both of Eric’s sons are no more.

The singer and songwriter confessed about having an affair and making her pregnant, which utterly devastated his wife.

Eric and Pattie share no children, even though they made several efforts to start a family of their own.

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Eric Clapton and Melia McEnery Love Story

Even after a series of failed relationships, Eric refused to give up on love. 

Then 53-year-old Eric met Melia, an administrative manager, back in 1998, when she was just 22, at an after-party of his concert.

The couple maintained the secrecy for a long time before coming out publicly in 1999.

After three years of dating, Eric and Melia married on January 1, 2002, at St Mary Magdalene church in Clapton’s hometown.

Eric Clapton with wife Melia McEnery
Eric Clapton with wife Melia McEnery. (Pinterest)

From their marriage, Clapton and McEnery welcomed three daughters: Julie and Ella May, born on June 14th, 2003, and their youngest daughter Sophie Belle Clapton in 2005.

Two decades later, the couple is still going strong and maintaining a healthy marriage away from controversies and rumors of any such rumors.

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Julie Rose Clapton’s Relationship and Boyfriend

Julie has maintained her life away from media attention and limelight, which limits information about her.

The 20-year-old is presumably single. Neither has she been linked or rumored to be dating someone.

However, there are tabloids that claim that she is dating a beautiful young woman named Chloe Gardner.

This whole speculation suggests that Julie is lesbian or bisexual.

Julie’s LGBTQ relationship speculation comes after she posted a picture where she is kissing Chloe Gardner.

Needless to say, that single picture does not prove that she is dating Chloe Gardner.

We’ll probably have to wait until Julie explicitly reveals details about her personal life.

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What Is Julie Rose Clapton Up To Now In 2022?

Julie is studying as of today. However, the institution she studies at remains a secret because of privacy concerns.

A glimpse at her Instagram makes it clear that the 20-year-old is a travel enthusiast.

Apart from that, there hasn’t been any such information about her professional life.

Either she has yet to begin her career, or she hasn’t mentioned her professional life since she likes low-key things.

Nevertheless, she is the daughter of Eric Clapton, who surely lives a lavish lifestyle with profuse wealth of over $450 million.

Julie Rose Clapton Age

Julie Rose Clapton is 20 years old today. She was born on June 13, 2001, in Columbus, Ohio, United States of America.

Julie Rose Clapton Parents

Julie Rose Clapton was born to father Eric Clapton and mother Melia McEnery.

Julie Rose Clapton Siblings

Julie Rose Clapton has two biological siblings Sophie Clapton, and Ella Clapton. She also has one half-sibling named Ruth Kelly Clapton. Julie previously had two half-brothers named Conor Clapton and Loren Del Santo but they’re both deceased as of today.

Julie Rose Clapton Boyfriend

As of 2022, Julie Rose Clapton does not have a boyfriend. She is reportedly dating a beautiful young woman named Chloe Gardner.

Julie Rose Clapton Net Worth

Since Julie Rose is still a university student, she does not have a substantial fortune. However, her father has a net worth of $450 million which is more than enough to live a comfortable life.

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