Flynn Bloom [Orlando Bloom Son] Age, Parents, Siblings, Now

Eleven-year-old Flynn Bloom is best known as the celebrity kid and the only son of actor Orlando Bloom and model entrepreneur Miranda Kerr.

His parents parted ways back in 2013, setting an example of their only son’s friendly and cooperative co-parenting.

Learn more about the young boy, Flynn Bloom.

Flynn Bloom Quick Facts

Birthday: January 6, 2011

Birthplace: Los Angeles, California, USA

Age: 11 years old

Zodiac Sign: Capricorn

Height: 4 feet 7 inches

Parents: Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr

Weight: 36 kg

Siblings: Hart, Myles, and Daisey (Half-Siblings)

Net Worth: Unknown

Flynn Bloom Age, Background

Flynn Bloom was born on January 6, 2011, making him 11 years old.

Young Bloom was born in Los Angeles, California, USA.

Flynn is the only child of parents Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr. However, the pair is no longer together.

Flynn Bloom with parents Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom
Flynn Bloom with parents Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom. (Pinterest)

We will talk more about their relationship below.

Miranda named her son Flynn after her high school sweetheart, who tragically died in a car accident in his teenage years.

Additionally, the 11-year-old has three half-siblings from their parent’s recent relationships.

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Flynn Bloom’s Father

Flynn’s father, Orlando Bloom, is an American actor who got his career breakthrough when he appeared as a Sindar Elf named Legolas role in the famous trilogy ‘Lord of the Rings.’

Orlando also famously appeared in ‘Pirates of Caribbean’ as Will Turner.

Similarly, he has also served as a UNICEF goodwill ambassador since 2009.

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Flynn Bloom’s Mother

Likewise, Miranda Kerr is a model, author, and entrepreneur who hails from Australia.

Professionally, she is the first Australian to walk the ramp as the Victoria’s Secret Angel in 2007.

Apart from her modeling career, Miranda is also a businesswoman.

She has a skincare product line called Kora Organics.

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Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr Relationship

The couple started dating in 2007 when they both were at the peak of their respective career.

Initially, Bloom asked for her number, but Kerr did not oblige. She was dating someone else when they two met each other.

Later, Bloom asked for Kerr’s number from her agent, and things sort of took turns, and they began dating by 2007.

After three years old dating, Bloom proposed to Miranda, and she said yes. The couple got engaged in 2010.

Orlando and Miranda got married the same year in July without wasting any time.

A year later, in January 2011, Bloom and Kerr welcomed their first child together, Flynn.

Flynn was born on January 6, 2011. He weighed 9 lbs., 12 oz at the time of birth.

“I gave birth to him naturally, without any pain medication, and it was a long, arduous, and difficult labor, but Orlando was with me the whole time, supporting and guiding me through it. I could not have done it without him.”

While everything went well for the first two years, things slowly lost touch in the couple’s relationship.

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Bloom and Kerr’s Divorce

In a joint statement, Bloom and Kerr announced in October 2013 that the couple separated a couple of months.

They also stated that the slip happened amicably.

In an interview, Bloom said that both of them will be in each other’s life for the rest of their lives.

Similarly, Bloom emphasized how he and Kerr were not friends but family, and both remain committed to the welfare of their child Flynn.

Miranda also said similar things about their split.

“When Orlando and I first separated, our priority was always Flynn and making sure that you know, Flynn was happy and his needs were always at the forefront, and so we were very amicable from the beginning.”

Now, what’s best about their relationship even after their divorce is the understanding and support, they have for each other.

Neither of them held any grudges and or hatred but always wished the best and moved on with their respective lives.

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Orlando’s New Relationships

As mentioned, Flynn’s parents are no longer together as they parted ways in 2013.

The couple stated that the best decision was to end the marriage as they couldn’t bring out the good in each other.

Subsequently, they found love in other people and currently live with their partners.

Actor Orlando Bloom went ahead to form a romantic relationship with the singer and songwriter.

Bloom and Katy Perry got engaged in 2019. The couple began dating in 2016.

The actor’s ex-wife had a say about his recent relationship, and this is what Miranda said,

“I just feel so happy that Orlando found someone that makes him happy because at the end of the day, for Flynn to have a happy father and a happy mother is the most important thing,” says Kerr. “… Flynn has always been the priority for me and making sure that he felt safe and he felt, you know, comfortable. Just putting his needs first, like, ‘Is this in the best interest of Flynn,’ no matter what we did.”

Last year in 2020, the power couple welcomed their first daughter, Daisy Dove.

Most of the couple’s fans and followers want to know why they haven’t married yet.

In an interview, Katy revealed that Covid hijacked their wedding plans.

The couple planned to marry in 2020 in Japan, but Perry and Bloom withdrew their plans when the pandemic hit.

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Miranda’s New Relationships

Likewise, Miranda also settled with Evan Spiegel, founder of Snapchat, in 2017.

From their union, the pair welcomed her first son Hart in 2018, followed by their younger son Myles in 2019.

Now, the model occasionally talks about her past and present relationships in interviews. Once she mentioned,

“At the time, I didn’t think I would ever be in another long-term, committed relationship. I was just pleasantly surprised that I found Evan and how complementary we are to each other. It worked out in the end for the better, even though at the time it was challenging when you’re going through any breakup.”

Moreover, both Flynn’s parents are happy in their current relationship and gladly co-parent their son.

What’s best is Flynn shares a great bond with both his parents new partners.

We love seeing such bonds, don’t we?

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Flynn Bloom Siblings

As the only child of his parents, Flynn does not have any biological siblings.

However, he does have three younger half-siblings.

Flynn got half-brothers when his mother Miranda and step-father Evan Spiegel welcomed their sons Hart and Myles in 2018 and 2019, respectively.

He also got a half-sister when his father Orlando and Katy Perry welcomed their daughter Daisy in 2020.

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Flynn Bloom’s Education

Flynn Bloom is currently 11 years old, by which we can assume he is doing primary school right now.

However, most celebrities prefer homeschooling their children, so that might be the case with him as well.

Both his parents are cautious about the wrong news social media spreads, so they have maintained privacy about Flynn.

Both Orlando and Miranda refrain from sharing details about their son.

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Flynn Bloom In 2022

The 11 year of celebrity child has a very relaxed life as there aren’t any responsibilities or works commitments of any sort. Of course, that’s mostly because he’s a young child.

He enjoys his time with both parents as he is seen out on holidays and fun kinds of stuff, especially with his father.

Furthermore, keeping his privacy on top, no more information has been disclosed by his parents.

We’re yet to see if he follows his parents’ footsteps in the entertainment industry.

Flynn Bloom is 11 years old today. He was born on January 6, 2011, in Los Angeles, California, United States of America.

Flynn Bloom was born to famous parents, actor Orlando Bloom and model Miranda Kerr. His parents married in 2010. Unfortunately, they split in 2013.

Flynn Bloom has three half-siblings from his parents’ relationship after divorce. His siblings are Hart, Myles, and Daisy.

Flynn Bloom is currently in school. He splits time between his father and mother.

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