Kairi Cosentino Age, Gay, Dating, Mattia, Parents, Net Worth

Kairi Cosentino is an aspiring internet star. With 2 million followers on TikTok, his videos have garnered more than 150 thousand likes.

Here’s everything that you need to know about Kairi. His age, birthday, parents, sister, and net worth.

Kairi Cosentino Quick Facts

Birthday: February 8, 2003

Birthplace: Little Falls, New Jersey, United States of America

Age: 19 years old

Zodiac Sign: Aquarius

Height: 5 feet 4 inches

Relationship Status: Single

Girlfriend: N/A

Parents: Anthony Cosentino (CBS Manager), Hiromi Motonaga

Siblings: Maiya Cosentino

Kairi Cosentino Bio, Age

The famous TikTok star Kairi Cosentino was born on February 8, 2003, in Little Falls, New Jersey, United States of America.

Today, Kairi is 19 years old, and his zodiac sign is Aquarius.

Born in New Jersey, United States of America, Kairi is American by nationality.

However, his appearance is not of those who are American native. That’s because of his mixed-ethnicity background.

Kairi also has a sister named Maiya.

Maiya Cosentino in a dance pose
Maiya Cosentino in a dance pose. (Maiya/Instagram)

Kairi also has a half-sister named Ayana from his father’s side.

Kairi’s sister Maiya, 13, is also huge on TikTok. Born on January 18, 2008, Maiya is an aspiring dancer.

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Kairi Cosentino Parents

The reason why Kairi’s looks are a little different than the average American is because of his parents.

He was born to Anthony Cosentino and Hiromi Motonaga.

Kairi Cosentino’s father is an American native.

Baby Kairi and Maiya with their dad Anthony Cosentino
Baby Kairi and Maiya with their dad Anthony Cosentino. (Anthony/Facebook)

While his mother has an Asian background. Most probably Japanese roots.

Kairi Cosentino with mother Hiromi Motonaga
Kairi Cosentino with mother Hiromi Motonaga. (Kairi/TikTok)

The couple married back in the days; however, they later decided to get a divorce.

Since then, Kairi and his sister live with their mother, Hiromi.

On the other hand, Kairi’s father, Anthony, went on and married a woman named Samal Cosentino.

Anthony Cosentino, wife Samal Cosentino and their daughter Ayana
Anthony Cosentino, wife Samal Cosentino and their daughter Ayana. (Samal/Facebook)

Anthony and Samal have a daughter named Ayana.

School, College

At 19 years old, Kairi is still in High School.

He goes to Passaic Valley High School in Little Falls, New Jersey.

At high school, Kairi also plays soccer, and he’s also pretty good at it.

Cosentino says that he has been playing soccer since he was a kid. His father, Anthony, used to play soccer in his younger days as well.

Kairi says it’s like a family thing for him.

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Is Kairi Cosentino Gay?

A lot of fans have been talking about this. Kairi’s strong friendship with fellow TikTok star Mattia Polibio, 17, has attracted a lot of attention.

People have been asking if Kairi is gay and dating Mattia at the moment.

Kairi Cosentino with Mattia Polibio
Kairi Cosentino with Mattia Polibio. (Kairi/TikTok)

Kairi took the liberty of answering this question.

Kairi said,

“Don’t gas it. If you know what that means, it means like don’t over-exaggerate it.”

He further said,

“We don’t really say anything [because] we don’t, like, care that much. It’s not something that we need to make a whole big deal about.”

Kairi finally stated,

“Me and him [Mattia] are both straight. We’re not homosexual, but we’re really close. We’re really close friends.”

So, officially, it’s time to move on from those Kairi Cosentino gay rumours. He’s straight.

His history of dating and girlfriend might seal the deal.

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Girlfriend, Dating | Is Kairi Single?

Yes, in 2022, Kairi is single, and he’s also not looking to date, anyone.

At the start of 2020, Kairi mentioned how he does not want a relationship.

He said,

I don’t have my eyes on anyone right now. I wanna be single because, like, why the hell would I want to be in a relationship?”

However, he has dated quite a few beautiful girls back in the days.

Kairi has dated Emily Nickel. The couple dated for some time, but as per Kairi, things did not work out really well between them.

After his relationship ended with former girlfriend Emily, Kairi began dating another young lady.

Cosentino began dating a girl named Julia. But his relationship did not work out as well. Since the break-up, Kairi and Julia did not look eye-to-eye for some time.

However, as of now, both are on mutual grounds and have no bad blood between them.

Kairi Cosentino Net Worth

The young internet star makes quite an earning for himself from his online presence.

As of 2022, Kairi reportedly makes over $100,000 annually.

Most of his earnings come from making TikTok videos and YouTube videos as well.

On the other hand, Kairi also has his own merchandise line.

His website is called shopkairi.com.

On his website, Kairi sells masks, Beane, hats, sweatshirts, and hoodies.

The price ranges from $10 gift cards to $40 for hoodies and sweatshirts.

He’s also available for business via kairi@talentxent.com

Kairi Cosentino is 19 years old. He was born on February 8, 2003, in Little Falls, New Jersey, United States of America.

Kairi Corentino is 5 feet 4 inches or 1.64m tall in height.

Kairi Cosentino was born to dad Anthony Cosentino and mom Hiromi Motonaga. Kairi’s parents are divorced. His father, Anthony has since married Samal Cosentino and has a daughter with her named Ayana.

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