Melanie Lynn Clapp [Johnny Knoxville Ex-Wife] After Divorce, Today

Melanie Lynn Clapp is an American fashion designer best known as the former wife of actor, filmmaker, and stunt performer Johnny Knoxville.

Melanie’s main reason for prominence was her association with the actor in the past.

Melanie Lynn Clapp Quick Facts

Full Name: Randy Chrisley

Date of Birth: 1964

Age: 59 Years Old

Zodiac Sign: Virgo

Current Residence: Encino, California, USA

Nationality: American

Religion: Christian

Ethnicity: White

Height: 5 feet 6 inches

Weight: 60 KG

Gender: Female

Relationship Status: Divorced

ExHusband: Johnny Knoxville

Children: Not Disclosed

Profession: entrepreneur

Famous as: Johnny Knoxville’s Ex-Wife



Net Worth: $500,000

Melanie Lynn Clapp Wiki, Age, Bio

Melanie Lynn Clapp is a native of Texas, USA, and she was born in 1964, and she is 59 years old today.

For the most part, Melanie lived in the Southern part of the United States before moving to Los Angeles in the 90s.

Born in a Christian family, Melanie faithfully walks the path of god.

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Melanie Lynn Clapp Meeting Johnny Knoxville

Melanie Lynn was previously married to actor Johnny Knoxville.

The pair first met back in 1971 and started dating shortly after that.

Around this time, when Melanie and Johnny began dating, the latter had a gambling addiction.

For those who do not know, gambling addiction is a very severe case, and people have lost their fortunes to it.

However, determined that she could make it work, Melanie stuck with Johnny, and the couple continued dating.

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Married Life & Divorce

Melanie and Johnny tied the knot on 15th May 1995 in an intimate wedding ceremony.

The wedding took place at the Elvis Chapel in Las Vegas.

Clearly, for Melanie and Johnny, what happened in Vegas, did not stay in Vegas for the couple.

Similarly, some tabloids claim that Melanie and Johnny had a relatively modest wedding ceremony.

Sources say that the modest wedding was a result of Johnny losing heavily in gambling.

But hey, love prevails in situations like these any day, right?

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Who is Johnny Knoxville?

Johnny Knoxville is an American actor, performer, comedian, and filmmaker. He initially started his journey through small acting roles in the commercial.

While he had his hope high of being noticed by some good directors but that didn’t happen.

Later, he began writing article ideas for magazines, and this one time, when he wrote about skateboarding stunts, his article caught the eye of a director.

That’s how he created an opportunity for himself and worked hard to make his way up.

Some of his best-known performances are in the movies: men in the black, walking tail 2004, including many others.

Furthermore, he has a production house called ‘Dickhouse Productions.’

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Melanie and Johnny’s Daughter

A year later, in 1996, the couple welcomed their daughter, Madison Clapp. Today, Madison Clapp is 27 years old.

Madison Clapp
Madison Clapp. (Pinterest)

She works as a writer and also has acting credits for movies like ‘Jackass 3.5’ and ‘Jackass 3.’

Before earning her degree from Ohio’s Oberlin College, Madison attended Oakwood School.

Similarly, Madison is also the creator and writer of Chickenbutt Magazine.

Her magazine prints quarterly and cost about $14 to buy.

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From dating Melanie to marrying her, Johnny was struggling with a gambling addiction the entire time.

However, Melanie always stood by him with the small hope of seeing her husband overcome his addiction.

When the couple’s daughter Madison came into their lives, Johnny began setting things straight.

Alternatively, his relationship with Melanie began suffering.

After 12 years of marriage, Johnny filed for divorce in June 2007.

Court documents showed that Johnny cited irreconcilable differences as a divorce reason.

The documents further showed that Johnny and Melanie separated and lived separately since July 2006, a year before filing for divorce.

Moreover, a rumor stirred up around that time. That Johnny allegedly maintained an affair with singer Jessica Simpson.

However, the rumor remains unfounded to this date. Neither Johnny nor Jessica ever commented on that alleged rumor.

Two years later, in March 2008, a judge divorce finalized their divorce. They have shared custody of their daughter.

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Johnny & Jessica Simpson’s Affair

More than a decade after Melanie and Johnny’s divorce, In 2020, Jessica Simpson revealed having an emotional affair with Johnny.

This confused everyone and had everyone struggle to understand.

However, Jessica’s statement shed some light on the matter.

For the most part, Jessica practiced abstinence until she married someone. She believed that sex was the thing that bonded a couple.

However, she quickly realized that physical relation amounted to little to nothing compared to emotional relation or attraction.

And she felt that emotional connection to Johnny. However, she did not act on it as both were married to their respective partners at that time.

However, since Jessica valued an emotional relationship over a physical one, she felt a surge of guilt about cheating on her then-partner.

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Melanie Lynn Clapp Relationship Status Today

After her divorce, Melanie almost entirely withdrew herself from the limelight.

While her ex-husband married someone new and again got divorced, there was no similar news about her.

While some say her marriage with the actor and his gambling addiction traumatized her, others claim she might have decided to keep her personal life details to herself.

Either of the two can be the truth, but according to what we know, she has been out of the limelight right after her split with her former husband.

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Johnny Knoxville’s Married Life Now

After the divorce from Melanie, Johnny married Naomi Nelson and shares two children, Rocko Akira and Arlo Clapp.

Johnny Knoxville with wife Naomi Nelson
Johnny Knoxville with wife Naomi Nelson. (Pinterest)

Johnny and Naomi married in September 2010.

However, Johnny filed for divorce recently in 2022, after 12 years of marriage.

Similarly, he filed for divorce from his first wife Melanie after 12 years of marriage too.


Moreover, Johnny cited irreconcilable differences as divorce reasons from Naomi and documents show that the couple separated on September 4, 2021.

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Melanie Lynn Clapp Career

Melanie is an entrepreneur and a fashion designer. She has a steady income and a stable career.

Previously, Melanie worked as a clothing and jewelry designer for Warner Bros. Retail and Urban Outfitters.

She quickly shifted her focus to interior design and house remodelling. She had jobs in Nashville, Austin, and LA. Even the prestigious AIA Austin and Tribeza Interior Design tour recognised the quality of her work.

This is how the concept for Side Street Home initially developed.

How Old Is Melanie Lynn Clapp?

Melanie Lynn Clapp is 59 years old today. She was born in 1964, in Texas, United States of America. She moved to Los Angeles in the early 90s.

Melanie Lynn Clapp Married Life

Melanie Lynn Clapp was previously married to a professional American stunt performer and actor. The couple were married from 1995 to 2007.

Melanie Lynn Clapp Children

Melanie Lynn Clapp has one daughter named Madison Clapp from her 12 years of marriage to Johnny Knoxville. Madison was born in 1996 and she is 27 years old today.

Melanie Lynn Clapp Now

Melanie previously worked as a fashion designer for WarnerBros. Retail and Urban Outfitters. She then shifted to interior designing and runs a company called Side Street Home.

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