Who Is Ronnie Radke Wife? Meet Partner, Daughter: Age, Net Worth

Ronnie Radke is a 40-year-old American musician of Blackfoot Indian and Portuguese ethnicity who stands at an impressive 6-feet tall.

His intriguing demeanor adds to his already attractive physical appearance, which includes over 40 tattoos depicting events and experiences from his life.

While Ronnie’s family life was dysfunctional, he seems to have a good relationship with his siblings, despite the tragic passing of his brother Anthony in 2013.

The musician has a daughter named Willow with his ex-partner Crissy Henderson, and the two have successfully co-parented her.

Ronnie is currently in a committed relationship with Saraya Bevis, a retired professional wrestler from England, and their relationship appears stronger and better than his previous ones.

Ronnie Radke Quick Facts

Full NameRonnie Radke
Nick NameRon
BirthdayDecember 15, 1983
Age40 years old
Birth PlaceLas Vegas, Nevada, USA
EthnicityBlackfoot Indian and Portuguese
Father’s NameRussel Radke
Mother’s Name
SiblingsAnthony James Radke (Deceased)
Matthew Radke
Height6ft (1.83m)
Weight75kg (165 lbs)
Shoe Size12
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorBrown
Physique (Figure)Fit
Relationship StatusDating
PartnerSaraya Bevis
Ex-PartnerCrissy Henderson
DaughterWillow Grace Radke
Famous AsSinger, Songwriter
Net Worth$4 Million
Social Media@ronnieradke

Who is Ronnie Radke’s Partner?

Ronnie has had a few public relationships over the years, with his previous relationship with former girlfriend and mother of his child, Crissy Henderson, making headlines.

Crissy Henderson is an American model and actress, and the pair began dating in 2012.

Ronnie Radke with his ex-partner Crissy Henderson
Ronnie Radke with his ex-partner Crissy Henderson. (Instagram)

Ronnie and Crissy loved each other very much, and after sometime, decided to get engaged.

Down the road, Radke and Henderson decided to start a family, and the same year, announced the pregnancy.

She gave birth to Willow Radke in 2013, but the couple had already broken up when the child was born.

Ronnie and Crissy's post maternity photo shoot
Ronnie and Crissy’s post maternity photo shoot. (Instagram)

According to rumors, Ronnie’s relationship with Crissy Henderson was plagued by infidelity on his part while she was pregnant with their child.

Henderson has even spoken publicly about the situation, stating that she does not want to be with someone who does not treat women with respect.

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Willow Grace Radke: Ronnie Radke’s Daughter

Ronnie has a daughter named Willow Grace Radke with his former partner Crissy.

Willow was born in 2013 and she is 11 years old today.

Willow shares a close bond with both her parents and is cherished by them equally.

Despite their differences, Ronnie and Crissy have successfully co-parented their daughter and ensure that she receives the attention and care she deserves.

Ronnie's ex-partner and his daughter Willow
Ronnie’s ex-partner and his daughter Willow. (Crissy/Instagram)

Crissy often shares pictures of her daughter’s everyday life and milestones on her Instagram page. She recently shared a post celebrating her daughter’s achievement in selling Girl Scout Cookies.

Similarly, Ronnie is also supportive of his daughter and often shares her accomplishments on his social media.

Crissy and Willow Radke
Crissy and Willow Radke. (Crissy/Instagram)

In 2022, he posted an Instagram story congratulating Willow for leading her troop in Girl Scout Cookies sales and urged his followers to support her by purchasing cookies.

Ronnie Radke's daughter
Ronnie Radke’s daughter. (Pinterest)

Ronnie added that Willow was only 500 boxes away from a camping trip, encouraging his followers to help her reach her goal.

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New Relationship with Saraya Bevis

Ronnie has been in a committed relationship with Saraya Bevis since late 2018.

Ronnie Radke with his girlfriend Saraya Bevis
Crissy and Saraya Bevis. (Saraya/Instagram)

Saraya Jade Bevis, known by her ring name “Paige,” is a professional wrestler from England.

She holds the record for being the youngest two-time WWE Divas Champion and the NXT Women’s Champion during her time with the WWE.

Unfortunately, her career halted due to a neck injury, and she retired from in-ring competition in 2018. Despite this, she remains highly regarded in the wrestling industry.

Currently, Saraya is a successful YouTuber and Twitch streamer.

She has been in a relationship with Ronnie for five years, and unlike his previous relationship, this one appears to be stronger and better.

Although the couple has not made any official announcements, fans frequently ask when about them getting engaged or married soon.

While nothing remains confirmed, many hope that the two will take their relationship to the next level soon.

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How Old Is Ronnie Radke Today?

Ronnie Radke, an American musician, was born on December 15, 1983, which makes him 40 years old.

He is of Blackfoot Indian and Portuguese ethnicity and holds American nationality. Besides, Ronnie has a towering height of 6 feet, making him an impressive figure.

In terms of personality, he is known for having an intriguing demeanor.

Ronnie Radke’s Mother

Ronnie Radke was the second of three children born to Russell Radke and his undisclosed wife.

He has two siblings, Anthony James Radke and Matthew Radke.

Unfortunately, Anthony passed away in a tragic accident on August 10, 2013, while there isn’t much information available about Matthew, who has stayed away from the public eye.

During Ronnie’s childhood, his mother, who struggled with drug addiction, left the family, and they were raised by their father alone, without a mother figure in their lives.

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Parents and Siblings Relationships Children

Although Ronnie Radke avoids discussing his upbringing and family.

In some instances, he mentioned how his mother had abandoned the family when he was a child, leaving his father to single handedly take care of him and his two siblings.

Ronnie Radke with his mother
Ronnie Radke with his mother. (Instagram)

Despite facing financial struggles and other hardships, their father supported them throughout.

Ronnie has not spoken publicly about his relationship with his brothers, Anthony and Matthew.

Unfortunately, Anthony passed away in an accident in 2013, while Matthew has stayed away from the limelight and never appears in the media.

Despite coming from a dysfunctional home, we can assume that the siblings get along well.

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Ronnie Radke Tattoo

Ronnie Radke’s physical appearance is considered attractive by many, and he has over 40 tattoos on his body, which adds to his overall charm.

His tattoos often depict various events and experiences from his life.

For instance, he has a large angel tattoo on the side of his neck, which serves as a constant reminder to trust in God, even during difficult times.

Additionally, he has a microphone tattoo on his arm with wings, which is a tribute to one of his favorite musicians, Eminem.

Some of his tattoos depict heartbreak and anguish from past relationships or significant events in his life.

However, in recent times, Radke has decided to blackout his tattoos.

When asked about his decision, he explained that he wanted something new and fresh, and he wanted people to see him as more than just his tattoos.

While most of his tattoos have a story to tell, he seems to have moved on from them and is now focused on reinventing himself.

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Early Life and Musical Beginnings

Ronnie Radke, a native of Las Vegas, Nevada, grew up in a challenging household due to his mother’s substance abuse issues, which caused her to be mostly absent.

Despite this, Radke found solace in music and began learning to play the piano and guitar from an early age.

While still in high school, Radke started forming bands and performing covers of Blink-182 songs on stage.

After leaving home, he moved in with his friend and bandmate from 3.0, Mitch, and lived with him for an extended period.

Radke later decided to return home and joined the band Lefty. During this time, he met Max Green of Almost Heroes at a talent show, and the two became friends.

Together, they formed the band True Story and recorded a demo.

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Escape the Fate (2004-2008)

In 2004, Bryan Money reached out to Green and Ronnie to form a new band, and they agreed to collaborate.

The group agreed in naming the band ‘Escape the Fate,’ and they introduced Robert Ortiz as the drummer and Omar Espinosa as the rhythm guitarist.

Initially, Escape the Fate played gigs in Las Vegas’ post-hardcore scene, and they won a radio contest judged by My Chemical Romance, which led to them signing with Epitaph Records.

In 2006, the band began working on their EP “There’s No Pity For The Dead,” which included several tracks from their debut album, “Dying Is Your Newest Trend.”

Despite the band’s success, Ronnie’s life took a turn for the worse in 2008 when authorities sentenced him to two and a half years in prison for violating probation by owning brass knuckles.

Prior to this, Ronnie had been arrested and charged with murder, but the court chose not to prosecute him.

Following his arrest, Ronnie was dropped from the band and replaced by another member.

Falling in Reverse (2010-Present)

During his time in prison, Ronnie began working on songs for his new band, which he described as a combination of Norma Jean’s sound with Katy Perry’s choruses.

In 2010, with the assistance of his bandmate Nason Schoeffler, Ronnie founded Falling in Reverse, previously known as From Behind These Walls.

After his release from prison, the band released their debut single, “Raised by Wolves,” followed by their first album, “The Drug in Me Is You,” which released on July 26, 2011.

Moving on, Falling in Reverse has since released one demo album, two extended plays, four studio albums, and thirty singles, with their first album debuting in the top 20.

Similarly, Falling in Reverse has collaborated with a variety of artists, including Tyler Carter, Deuce, b. LaY, Sy Ari Da Kid, Danny Worsnop, Jacoby Shaddix, Andy Biersack, and Craig Mabbitt.

In 2020, the band achieved their first No. 1 single with “Popular Monster.” As of today, the band continues to produce semi-hit albums and remains popular among their fans.

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Ronnie Radke’s Solo Career

Ronnie Radke is not only well-known for his involvement in bands but also for his successful solo career.

He started his solo career by releasing his first solo song titled “Fair-Weather Fans” on his YouTube channel in 2013.

Radke dedicated the song to all the people who did not believe in him in his early days.

The same year, he collaborated with renowned rap artist B. LaY to work on a mixtape, which came out the following year in 2014, titled “Watch Me.”

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