Shally Zomorodi [2022 Update] Married Thrice, Kids, Salary

Last updated on February 24th, 2022 at 10:03 pm

Shally Zomorodi is an American journalist, widely known as the co-anchor of FOX 5 Morning News.

Let’s get to know more about Shally below, including her big family and work life.

Shally Zomorodi Quick Facts

Birthday: February 7, 1983

Birthplace: California, USA

Age: 39 years old

Zodiac: Aquarius

Height: 5 feet and 4 inches

Parents: N/A

Siblings: 1 brother

Relationship Status: Married

Partner: Bruce Joon

Children: Arshia, Arshan, Shyla, Shayden

Shally Zomorodi Age, Background

Shally Zomorodi was born on February 7, 1983, in California. As of 2022, she is 39 years old.

Her zodiac sign is Aquarius.

While Shally is American by nationality, her ethnic background roots back to Iran.

This also explains why she chose an Iranian man to marry as well.

Shally’s parents are from Rasht, Iran, born and raised.

Shally’s parents later moved to the United States and settled down.

As a kid, Shally grew up with her parents and her brother.

Shally Zomorodi with her parents and brother
Shally Zomorodi with her parents and brother. (Shally/Facebook)

Moving on to her education, Zomorodi graduated with a bachelor’s degree in arts in communications and political science.

Later, after university graduation, Shally joined the law school to stay in California.

However, she won a Journalism award from KTTV FOX 11 producers when participating in Miss California USA.

That award played a major role in her broadcasting career as she got an internship after touring KTTV studios.

Thus, she quit law school and embarked on her journalism journey.

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Shally Zomorodi Husband Bruce Joon

Shally is married to Bruce Joon.

Remember when we said that because Shally comes from an Iranian ethnic background, she preferred an Iranian man as her husband? We were talking about Bruce.

Bruce Joon is an Iranian lawyer as well as a chemical engineer by profession.

However, it looks like Joon has stopped practicing law for the time being.

Bruce reportedly has an office in New Port Beach, from where he gives out services relating to engineering.

Born on August 25, Bruce’s zodiac sign is Virgo.

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On July 21, 1999, Bruce Joon asked Shally to marry him and proposed.

Shally, who was ecstatically in love with Bruce, said yes.

After six years of the relationship as an engaged couple, Shally and Bruce finally married.

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Wedding, Married Three Times

On September 3, 2005, Shally Zomorodi and Bruce Joon married each other in an intimate Persian-style wedding ceremony.

Shally Zomorodi with her husband Bruce Joon on their wedding day
Shally Zomorodi with her husband Bruce Joon on their wedding day. (Shally/Facebook)

A lot of their friends and family members attended the wedding and witnessed the union.

Being so involved in planning and executing the wedding details, Shally and Bruce forgot to license their marriage.

Thus, they got married again in Las Vegas to sign the papers, surrounded by a few friends and family – Again!

To everyone’s surprise, the couple has been married for the third time too.

In 2019, they had a third wedding when their children asked why they [kids] were not present at the wedding. 

As a result, Shally and Zomorodi married for the third time.

Last but not least, they are planning their fourth wedding on September 3, 2021.

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Shally Zomorodi with her husband Bruce Joon and their four children
Shally Zomorodi with her husband Bruce Joon and their four children. (Shally/Instagram)

Shally is the mother of four children with Bruce Joon.

They welcomed their first child, a son, Arshia, on October 7, 2011.

After two years, their second child, Arshan, was born on September 2, 2013

Their first daughter, Shyla, was born on July 29, 2016.

Likewise, their last born Shayden, another son, was born on May 8, 2019.

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Shally started her career in KBMT-TV, Good Morning Southeast Texas as an on-air anchor.

After that, the now 39-years-old served as a multimedia journalist intern at KTTV FOX 11.

After the internship, Shally got a job as a news assistant for ‘Good Morning Los Angeles Morning News.’

Moving on, she served as an anchor for ‘DAYBREAK OC.’

Her big breakthrough came when she joined FOX 5 Morning News.

As of now, she co-anchors ‘FOX 5 Morning News’ from 6 am-10 am.

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Shally Zomorodi Net Worth

As of 2022, Shally Zomorodi has an estimated net worth of above $700,000.

As FOX 5’s co-anchor, she earns an average salary of $77,445 annually.

Most of the times, Shally is active on her social media accounts.

Instagram: @shallyzomorodi

Facebook: Shally Zomorodi

Twitter: @shallyzomorodi

Shally Zomorodi Age

Shally Zomorodi is 39 years old today. She was born on February 7, 1983, in California. However, her parents are Iranian natives.

Shally Zomorodi Husband

Shally Zomorodi is married to her husband Bruce Joon. Bruce is Iranian by nationality whose is a lawyer and an engineer by profession. The couple got engaged on July 21, 1999. Later Shally and Bruce married on September 3, 2005.

Shally Zomorodi Salary

Shally Zomorodi currently earns an average salary of $77,445 annually.


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