Vilailuck Teigen, Chrissy Teigen’s Mother: Age, Bio, Husband, Net Worth

Vilailuck Teigen is best known as the mother of American model and TV personality Chrissy Teigen and the mother-in-law of singer John Legend.

Being associated with two renowned personalities gave an identity to Vilailuck, which turned out beneficial for her.

To know more, read till the end of the article.

Vilailuck Teigen Quick Facts

Birthday: December 12, 1961

Birthplace: Thailand

Age: 62 years old

Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius 

Height: 5 feet 5 inches

Relationship Status: Divorced

Ex-Husband: Ron Teigen Sr

Children: Chrissy Teigen and Tina Tiegen

Weight: Unknown 

Net Worth: Not Disclosed

Vilailuck Teigen Age, Background

Vilailuck Teigen was born on December 12, 1961, and as of today, she is 62 years old.

She hails from Thailand, but later she moved to the United States for better beginnings in life.

Vilailuck was born in Thailand. She grew up in the city is Nakhon Ratchasima, also known as Korat.

Her grandparents were rice farmers, and she took on that field from a very young age.

As per her words, Vilailuck worked as a sous chef for her mother before school.

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Vilailuck Teigen would move back and forth to Thailand to take care of her ailing father, suffering from lung cancer.

Despite several attempts and the best treatments, he choked to death right inform of her.

Three months later, Vilailuck lost her mother in a freak train accident.

Losing her parents within such a short gap devastated her, and she sank into depression right after.

She almost cut off all the contact with the outside world and locked herself up in her room in Thailand.

It took a lot of time for her to overcome such a big loss that completely turned her world upside down in the least imaginable manner.

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Vilailuck Teigen Husband

Vilailuck Teigen was married to Ron Teigen Sr, an American electrician who frequently traveled for work.

The pair met when Ron was in Thailand, while Ron worked for a company there and often traveled to Saudi Arabia.

Ron asked Vilailuck to meet his family and began processing for a visa. He quickly found out that the quickest way to get her a visa was to marry her.

In May of 1983, they had a Thai wedding ceremony in the presence of their families.

The pair resided in Utah for a long time and later relocated to Washington DC, where they ran a tavern together named Porky’s.

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Relationship and Divorce

However, Vilailuck already had a child before meeting Ron from her previous relationship named Tina Teigen. 

A couple of years later, in 1985, the pair welcomed their only daughter, Chrissy Teigen.

While Vilailuck traveled back and forth between Thailand and United States, things took a drastic turn when her parents died; one after the other, in a short span.

This threw her into the spiraling hole of depression, and she moved permanently back to Thailand and began working there.

This greatly affected her marriage and relationship with Ron and Chrissy too.

Similarly, after being married for more than three decades, Vilailuck Teigen split with her husband, stating irreconcilable differences as the reason.

Yet the pair withdrew themselves from announcing their split right away.

In 2018, Chrissy became candid about her life, where she mentioned her parents had been living apart for a year.

“Mom is over so much that she lives with us basically, and they’ve had this kind of relationship for a long time. And my dad comes to the house every other day or so. He was just over yesterday.”

Finally, in 2019 rumors about their split and divorce were confirmed and the following year, the couple legally and officially separated and divorced.

Despite having issues with her mother’s absence before, Chrissy currently shares an amazing bond with both her parents.

She also took the divorce on a very positive note.

Her father even got Chrissy’s face tattooed on his arm for her birthday.

She jokingly mentioned how she can celebrate two Christmas parties every year now! 

Moreover, both Vilailuck and Ron have moved on in their respective lives.

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Daughter Tina Teigen

As mentioned before, Vilailuck had a daughter when she first met her now-ex-husband Ron.

Her name is Tina Teigen.

Tina married Motivational Speaker Corey Speaks in 2014, and the couple welcomed a daughter named Pasha.

Vilailuck Teigen's daughter Tina and granddaughter Pasha
Vilailuck Teigen’s daughter Tina and granddaughter Pasha. (Pasha/Instagram)

Unfortunately, their marriage failed, and the couple eventually divorced.

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Daughter Chrissy Teigen

Chrissy is an American model and a television personality recognized as a singer and songwriter John Legend’s wife.

After her split, she lives with her daughter Chrissy, her son-in-law John, and her two adorable grandchildren.

Chrissy worked at a local surf shop in Huntington Beach as a young girl in California.

A photographer scouted her, and that’s how her meteoric career in modeling took off.

Today, Chrissy is happily married to famous singer John Legend and has two kids.

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Vilailuck’s Grandchildren

She spends most of her time with Luna Simone and Miles Theodore Stephens., two children of Chrissy and John.

Luna, as we see, s sassy as her mommy Chrissy who is evident in her family’s social media posts.

Grandma enjoys spending time with her two munchkins and even shares a glimpse of her fun times with followers.

Vilailuck Teigen with daughter Chrissy, John Legend and grandchildren Luna and Miles
Vilailuck Teigen with daughter Chrissy, John Legend and grandchildren Luna and Miles. (Chrissy/Instagram)

A year ago, Chrissy learned about her miscarriage which shocked the entire family, and they grieved for their unborn son for a long time.

Vilailuck would have been a grandma of three. Sadly, her third unborn grandson remained just in her memories.

Vilailuck also spends quality time with Pasha, her granddaughter from daughter Tina.

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Vilailuck Teigen Net Worth

Teigen is passionate about cooking, specializing in Thai cuisine, and making dishes popular back in her hometown.

In April 2021, she even released her first cookbook named ‘The Pepper Thai Cookbook.’

Furthermore, on November 6th in Discovery+, a show named ‘Getting Spicy with Pepper Teigen’ aired.

She puts all the magic into her food and shares all the recipes with the viewers in that show.

Unfortunately, pepper hasn’t opened up about her salary or net worth at present.

Moreover, looking at her progress even at this age, we aren’t doubtful about her hefty net worth.

Vilailuck Teigen is 62 years old as of today. She was born on December 12, 1961, in Thailand.

Vilailuck Teigen was previously married to Ron Teigen Sr. an American electrician. The couple married in May of 1983. Unfortunately, their marriage came to an end in 2019.

Vilailuck Teigen has two children. One daughter named Tina Teigen from her past relationship with a mystery man. Another daughter Chrissy Teigen from her marriage with Ron Teigen Sr.

Vilailuck Teigen currently has three grandchildren. Their names are Luna, Miles, and Pasha.

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