Dane Luke Majors [Lee Majors’ Son] Actor & A Hidden Talent

Dane Luke Majors is an actor best known as the celebrity son of actor Lee Majors and Former playboy model Karen Velez.

Learn more about him in the article.

Dane Luke Majors Quick Facts

Full Name: Dane Luke Majors

Date of Birth: October 22, 1992

Age: 31 Years Old

Zodiac Sign: Libra

Current Residence: United States

Nationality: American

Religion: Christian

Ethnicity: White

Height: 5 feet 9 inches

Weight: 68 KG

Gender: Male

Relationship Status: Not Disclosed

Wife: Not Disclosed

Children: Not Disclosed

Profession: Actor

Famous as: Lee Major’s Son



Net Worth: $0-$1 million

Dane Luke Majors Wiki, Age, Bio

Dane Luke Majors was born on October 22, 1992, making him 31years old at present.

He was born and raised in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA.

Dane is one of three children to parents Lee Majors and Karen Velez.

The 31-year-old grew up with a twin brother Trey Kulley and an older sister, Nikki Loren.

He has an elder half-sibling, Lee Majors Jr, from his father’s previous marriage with Kathy Robinson.

There isn’t any information disclosed about his academic qualifications.

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Sister Nikki Loren

Dane’s older sister is also an actress who briefly walked in her mother’s footsteps and appeared in Playboy.

Nikki Loren
Nikki Loren. (Pinterest)

In March 2008, his sister Nikki posed for a ‘Playboy’ Cyber Club photo shoot titled ‘Playmate Daughters.’

She was also an actress who appeared in films such as ‘P.S.I. Luv U’ (1991) and ‘Keaton’s Cop’ (1990).

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Brother Trey Kulley

Dane’s twin brother, Trey, followed a somewhat similar path to Dane himself.

Trey Kulley
Trey Kulley. (Pinterest)

Trey pursued modeling for a while.

Thanks to his handsome looks and amazingly fit body, gathering modeling gigs came naturally to him.

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Half-Brother Lee Majors Jr.

As mentioned earlier, Dane has a half-brother named Lee Majors Jr. Majors Jr is the son of Lee Major Senior and his first wife, Kathy Robinson, who gave birth to him in 1962.

Lee Majors Jr
Lee Majors Jr. (Pinterest)

Lee Jr. has starred in films alongside his father, including ‘The Return of the Six-Million-Dollar Man’ and ‘The Bionic Woman.’

Interestingly, Lee Jr. appeared as Jim Castillan in the movie.

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What Does Dane Luke Majors Do For a Living?

Dane Luke followed in his father’s footsteps in the entertainment industry and opted for acting as his career.

He is credited for roles in movies like Severed Road, Honor Council, To The Moon, and many more.

With an attractive height of 5 feet 9 inches, the actor has won hearts with his acting skills and made an identity for himself in a short span.

Since 2020, the actor hasn’t been part of any movies or TV shows. Furthermore, there isn’t any news of his upcoming projects as well.

It’s almost like he withdrew himself from the industry for the past two years.

However, his fans are waiting for a powerful comeback from the actor with some great projects in the coming days.

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Is Dane Luke Majors in a Relationship?

Dane Luke has been quiet about his personal life since the very beginning. He keeps details about his personal life away from the public.

Dane is a public figure but enjoys his personal space and stays lowkey.

There aren’t any events when the 31-year-old has mentioned his romantic relationship or having a partner by which we assume he prefers not mixing both his life together or he doesn’t have one.

Moreover, it is something only he knows, and we can just sit and assume.

As of 2024, he is presumably single.

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Dad Lee Majors

Dane’s father, Lee Majors, is a renowned American actor best known for TV shows like ‘The Big Valley,’ ‘The Six-Million-Dollar Man,’ and many more.

Lee Major Sr
Lee Major Sr. (Pinterest)

Lee was 25 years old when he made his debut in the industry through small-screen roles, eventually leading him to utmost success and fame.

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Mother Karen Velez

Dane’s mother, Karen, is a former model who rose to prominence after being named the Playmate of the Month by Playboy magazine.

Karen Velez
Karen Velez. (Pinterest)

She worked for a long time as a stunning model for playboy magazine. She made an identity for herself in the fashion industry in no time.

The model then started appearing in playboy’s documentaries and magazines.  

She was thriving in the industry, but the model decided to opt for another career as a wellness and life coach.

She studied hypnotism and became a certified hypnotherapist.

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Lee Majors and Karen Velez’s Relationship

Lee and the model tied the knots in the year 1988 and went strong for a few years.

The couple who dated for years before marrying each other displayed love and adoration of another level.

However, that slowly faded away, and their relationship turned sour. The pair announced their split in 1994.

After filing for divorce in September, Lee and Karen officially divorced on October 3.

This was Lee’s third failed marriage in a row.

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Lee Majors Relationship History

After his divorce from his first wife, the actor got hitched to a woman named Faith, but that wasn’t the one for him as well, so the two split up.

Moving further, Dune’s elder sister Nikki followed her mother’s footsteps and entered the fashion and glam world. She posed for the playboy magazine’s cover in 2008.

Trey is also a model as well.

Dane’s half-sibling, Lee Major Jr., is also an actor who is credited for his roles in movies like Bionic Woman, The Six-Million-Dollar Man, and many more.

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What is Dane Luke Majors Net Worth?

Dane Luke is credited with numerous movies and TV shows, which must have paid him well while he was working.

Sadly, the actor hasn’t revealed his income or net worth publicly.

Dane Luke Major is 31 years old. He was born on October 22, 1992, in Florida, United States of America.

Dane Luke Majors is the son of famous actor Lee Majors and model Karen Velez.

Dane Luke Majors has a twin brother named Trey and an older sister named Nikki Loren. Dane also has a half-brother named Lee Majors Jr from his father’s relationship.

As of today, Dane Luke Majors is not dating anyone publicly.

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