Elliot Kingsley [2022 Update] Age, Thelma & Ozzy Osbourne

Elliot Kingsley is a theatre artist who rose to fame as the stepson of singer-songwriter Ozzy Osbourne.

Elliot isn’t the only famous one in the Osbourne clan; it’s a full house of the famous family. To know more about him, read till the end.

Elliot Kingsley Quick Facts

Birthday: 1966

Birthplace: USA

Age: 55 years old

Zodiac Sign: Capricorn

Height: 6 feet 2 inches

Relationship Status: Single

Girlfriend: unknown

Children: 0                              

Weight: 75 kg                 

Net Worth: $600,000

Elliot Kingsley Age, Background

Elliot Kingsley was born in 1966, which makes him 55 years old at present. His exact date of birth remains unknown.

Elliot is the son of Thelma Riley, who worked as an English teacher back in the day.

However, anything about his biological father is out of the public’s knowledge.

Thelma went ahead to form a romantic relationship with famous singer-songwriter John Michael “Ozzy” Osbourne, who, after marrying Thelma, adopted Elliot.

Elliot has five half-siblings: Jessica Osbourne, Louis Osbourne, Aimee Osbourne, Kelly Michelle, and Jack Osbourne.

All of his siblings are involved and successful in the entertainment field. 

Ozzy is a singer-songwriter who rose to fame in the ’70s as the lead singer of the heavy metal band called “Black Sabbath.”

As a young boy with imagination, Elliot wanted to become a dragon when he grew up. We think he learned it was an impossible path sometimes growing up.

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Stepfather Ozzy Osbourne

Elliot was born to Thelma from her relationship with a man before she met Ozzy.

Thelma and Ozzy met each other in a nightclub and started dating shortly.

In 1971, the couple got married in an intimate wedding ceremony. Elliot was just five years old at that time.

After marriage with Thelma, the singer legally adopted Elliot and began looking after him.

When Ozzy made Thelma his bride, things were looking very good for him.

Ozzy’s band, Black Sabbath, gained popularity, and he found the woman he loved and married her. Sometime later, Ozzy bought a house for £20,000 and thought he had everything.

A year later, Thelma and Ozzy welcomed their first child Jessica in 1972, followed by a son, Louis, in 1975.

“We bought a house for 20,000 pounds, I thought, ‘I have arrived.’”

Moreover, both of them are doing well in their career. Jessica is an actress, and Louis has a stable career in the music industry.

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Unfortunately, Thelma and Ozzy’s relationship turned sour. After 11 years of marriage, the duo parted ways with Ozzy.

Ozzy further commented and stated that his marriage to Thelma was a “Terrible Mistake.”

While Ozzy came out feeling like the marriage was a mistake, sources claim the alleged reason for their divorce was Ozzy’s negligence towards his family.

His children called him an ‘absent father.’

Ozzy was at the peak of his career, which demanded much of his time in touring and recording.

Likewise, he developed substance abuse along the way.

This caused complications between the two that eventually ended up in a messy divorce.

The very same year of their divorce, the singer got hitched to TV personality Sharon Osbourne.

They share three children: Aimee, Jack, and Kelly.

After the divorce, it was as if Ozzy forgot about his first family with Thelma.

Ozzy reportedly abandoned all of them and casually moved on with his new life.

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Is Elliot Kingsley Married?

Being a celebrity kid, the media sought Elliot’s life details.

However, not all celebrity kids desire exposure and fame, especially someone like Elliot who prefers low key and silent life.

All these years, he has been able to slide away from media interference or controversies of any sort.

His personal life is far from the public’s knowledge, let alone any details about his love life.

He is currently 55 years by which everyone assumes him to have a possible family.

But for now, he is presumably single in the public’s eye.

He is a very career-oriented person, and maybe he is yet to think about starting a family because that comes with a lot of responsibility.

But we are hopeful that soon, Kingsley will give us some close-ups about his relationship.

If that’s not the case, we would love to see the 55-year-old forming a romantic bond with someone.

After all, we all need love in our life, don’t we?

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Elliot was very passionate about theater acting since a young age, and he decided to pursue theater as his career.

He auditioned for the ‘Young everyman playhouse actors’ program, and in 2017 he officially became its member. 

This sharpened his skills in theater acting and, additionally, landed him offers for roles.

Furthermore, he is passionate about introducing theaters among young people and encouraging youths to participate in theater acts.

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Elliot Kingsley Net Worth

Elliot has never openly addressed anything about his personal life, let alone his net worth.

So as per sources, his estimated net worth as of 2022 is $600,000.

Similarly, his step-father, Ozzy Osbourne, has a net worth of $220 million as of 2022.

Elliot Kingsley Age

Elliot Kingsley is 55 years old as of today. He was born 1966.

Elliot Kingsley Net Worth

Elliot Kingsley currently a net worth that around $600k in 2022.

Elliot Kingsley In 2022

Elliot Kingsley currently pursues his career as an actor.


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