Jeff Cavaliere

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Jeff Cavaliere is a celebrity trainer, YouTuber and founder of ATHLEAN-X Training System. Learn about wife, sons, and more.

Morgan Danielle with boyfriend Desi Banks

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Desi Banks became famous from making Vine videos. Now, he’s a YouTube star, dating a nurse and a businesswoman and has children.

Manon Mathews

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Coby Cotton with his wife Aubrey Ellet

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Aaron Marino

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Aaron Marino, also known as Alpha M is married to Tracey Woodard. They do not have any kids and here’s the reason why.

Moo Snuckel

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Jocko Willink

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Hannah Meloche

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Diego Martir

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Chad Prather

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Chad Prather is a political commentator, comedian, and internet personality. He divorced wife Jadrien Berry Prather and amid infidelity rumors, began dating new girlfriend.