Whatever’s Happening Hannah Meloche Relationship, Who Is Boyfriend?

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With millions of followers on both her Instagram account and YouTube channel, Hannah Meloche is one of the most rapidly growing internet personality.

Given her profession, there’s literally a lot that her fans should know about. They’re missing out on so many crucial information about Hannah.

How she met her boyfriend, her relationship with parents, and siblings, and all sort of stuff.

Hannah Meloche Quick Facts

Birthday: February 26, 2001

Birthplace: Grand Rapids, Michigan

Age: 20 years old 

Zodiac Sign: Pisces

Height: 5 feet 6 inches 

Relationship Status: Dating

Boyfriend: Dean Congiusta

Children: N/A

Net Worth: $800 thousand

Hannah Meloche Boyfriend, Dating

The young YouTuber was previously dating Jacob for quite some time.

Meloche and Hoexum began dating each other in 2017. Both met each other for the first time in high school.

In an Instagram post, Meloche stated that the couple who went to Forest Hills Eastern are college sweethearts.

Jacob initially asked Hannah to homecoming with him in 2017 in a way that pleased Hannah.

Hannah Meloche and boyfriend Jacob Hoexum.
Jacob Hoexum asking Hannah to Homecoming in 2017. (Jacob/Instagram)

He brought a flower bouquet and cardboard on which he wrote,

“Hannah, will you subscribe to Homecoming with me?”

Hoexum posted, “she subscribed.”

Since then, the couple also went together to their 2018 High School prom. Jacob came to pick up Hannah in a convertible Mercedes.

Jacob and Hannah have been making their long-distance relationship work out for some time now.

Hannah Meloche and boyfriend Jacob Hoexum Swimming
Hannah Meloche and boyfriend Jacob Hoexum Swimming. (Hannah/Instagram)

While Hannah lived in Michigan, Jacob joined the university in Ohio, about 5 hours of drive away.

However, it looks like distance sneaked onto the couple.

As of today, Hannah and Jacob are not together.

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Who Is Jacob Hoexum?

The dark-haired, handsome young man who’s dating Hannah Meloche has got it all.

Jacob Hoexum was born on November 18, 1999, in Ada, Michigan, to parents Bryan Hoexum and Cyndy Hoexum.

Jacob is 22 years old today. Hannah is three years younger than him.

Hoexum played Lacrosse while at Forest Hills Eastern and continued playing as he got into John Carroll University.

Hoexum graduated with a 3.5 GPA from Forest Hills Eastern.

At JCU, Jacob plays as a defender for the university team.

When it comes to studies, Jacob took Digital Media as his major subject and Entrepreneurship as a minor subject.

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Hannah Meloche Boyfriend In 2022

After breakup from her high school boyfriend Jacob Hoexum, Hannah took some time off and began a new relationship.

As of today, Hannah is dating a handsome young hunk named Dean Congiusta.

In 2021, Hannah began dating Dean and the couple give their followers butterflies.

As of today, in 2022, it looks like the couple are still together.

Who Is Hannah’s Boyfriend Dean Congiusta?

Dean Congiusta is an American freshman.

He went to Christian Brothers Academy in 2014 and graduated in 2018.

In 2018, Dean joined Fairfield University and currently studies Finance.

Dean worked in Langosta Lounge as a Busser in 2016 and later joined Asbury Hotel as a Lobby Ambassador in 2017.

As of today, Dean Congiusta works as an intern at Newport Capital Group.

Hannah Meloche Biography, Age, Background

The internet personality Hannah Meloche was born on February 26, 2001, in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

She is 20 years old today, and her zodiac sign is Pisces.

Meloche stands at the height of 5 feet 6 inches.

Hannah currently lives in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and spends time divided between father David Gregory and mother Nicole Meloche-Gregory.

Hannah Meloche with siblings and father David Gregory.
Hannah Meloche with siblings and father David Gregory. (David/Facebook)

Hannah is the oldest of five siblings. She has three brothers and one sister.

Ella MelocheSister18 years old
Andrew MelocheBrother15 years old
Jack MelocheBrother14 years old
Reeve MelocheBrother14 years old

Hannah’s Parents

If you’re new to following Hannah on her YouTube channel, this might come as news for you.

Hannah was born to father David Gregory and mother Nicole Meloche-Gregory.

Nicole Meloche-Gregory and David Gregory
Nicole Meloche-Gregory and David Gregory. (Nicole/Facebook)

Her parents met at Northern Michigan University, began dating, and married later.

However, after years of marriage and welcoming five beautiful children, David and Nicole got divorced.

Hannah’s father is a very accomplished personality. He graduated from Northern Michigan University and later from Thomas M. Cooley Law School.

Today, David Gregory is a partner at Kelley Cawthorne, a lobbying organization, working in Michigan state’s interest.

On the other hand, Hannah’s mother is quite accomplished in her own field as well.

Born and raised in Marquette, Michigan, Nicole Meloche-Gregory went to Marquette Senior High School.

Later, she studied marketing at Northern Michigan University, followed by joining the University of California, Los Angeles.

Currently, Nicole works as a Chief Executive Officer at Urban You, a beauty, and cosmetic service providing firm.

Apart from that, Nicole is also on the Forest Hills Public Schools Board of Trustees.

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Hannah Meloche Net Worth, Merch

Earnings are pretty awesome for Hannah here.

The average income of a YouTuber with 1 million subscribers is over $50,000 annually. And this is where things get interesting.

Hannah has two YouTube channels, one is called “Hannah Meloche,” and the other is called “Hannah Meloche Vlogs.”

Her main channel has almost 2 million subscribers now, while her vlog channel has 1.19 million subscribers.

Now, with simple calculations, it’s safe to assume that Meloche makes over $200,000 every year.

Moreover, adding to her income from her YouTube channel is her Merch business.

Meloche launched her merch website called Starlitevillage.com, where she sells beautiful accessories.

They range from tops & necklaces to hats/caps.

In 2022, Hannah Meloche has a massive net worth of $800,000.

What Is Hannah Meloche's Age?

Hannah Meloche is 20 years old. She was born on February 26, 2001, in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

How Tall is Hannah Meloche?

Hannah Meloche is 5 feet 6 inches or 168cm tall in height.

Where Does Hannah Meloche Live?

Hannah Meloche lives in Grand Rapids, Michigan. She divides time between her divorced parents. She spends two weekends a month with her father.

What Is Hannah Meloche's Net Worth?

Hannah Meloche’s net worth is $800,000 in 2022.

Hannah Meloche Merch

Hannah Meloche sells her merch on a website on starlitevillage.com


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