Gamer Moo Snuckel Real Face, Age, Girlfriend, Net Worth

Gamer Moo Snuckel is a famous YouTuber. He owns a channel named ‘Moo’ with over 3 million subscribers.

He is best known for making comedic commentaries on the various game.

Fans also appreciate him for his pun jokes and rare use of profanity.

Keep reading to know all about the gamer.

Moo Snuckel Quick Facts

Birthday: June 17, 1987

Birthplace: Salt Lake City, Utah

Real Name: Brock Robert Barrus

Age: 34 years old

Zodiac Sign: Gemini

Height: 5 feet 9 inches

Relationship status: Married

Wife: Lauren Snuckel

Children: Briana Snuckel (Daughter)

Net Worth: $3 million

Moo Snuckel Family, Education

Moo Snuckel was born on June 17, 1987, in Salt Lake City, Utah. His real name is Brock Robert Barrus.

However, the YouTuber remains famous as ‘Moo’.

Snuckel always loved playing video games. And seeing a potential career in gaming, he took the path.

However, his parents reportedly dismayed the idea of a career as a gamer.

As people who had old-school beliefs, Moo’s parents weren’t supportive initially.

But eventually seeing him put effort and gain popularity they agreed to it.

As of now, we think that Moo is the only child of his parents.

He attended a local high school in Utah. But when he felt gaming was what he wanted to do full time he dropped out.

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Moo Snuckel Real Face – A Mystery

In his initial days on YouTube, he just uploaded his gaming videos and never showed his face.

After a while fans demanded a face reveal.

This went on even though Moo was pretty consistent with video uploads.

Eventually, Snuckel made a video where he revealed his face to fans.

Snuckel also expressed his gratitude towards his followers for all of their support.

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Moo Snuckel Married Life, Wife, Daughter

Gamer Moo is a married man.

He married his long-time girlfriend Lauren Snuckel in the year 2016. Moo and Lauren reportedly met each other in high school and have been together ever since.

From their marriage, Moo and Lauren welcomed a baby girl and named her Briana Snuckel.

Their daughter was born in early-2017.

However, fans should note that Briana is her internet name only because of Brian (Terroriser.)

Moo also hasn’t shared any pictures of his baby girl, nor does he posts anything about his wife.

Although fans have asked him repeatedly, Moo says that chances of his baby’s face reveal remain slim.

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Moo Snuckel Kids

In a QnA video, Snuckel talked about his plans of having another kid.

Snuckel revealed that his wife, Lauren had some health issues when she gave birth to their daughter.

Moo, real name Brock, also revealed that he and his wife want a second kid in the future.

However, he said it’s a plan that can wait for a couple of years.

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Moo Snuckel Career

Moo was always very interested in gaming and learning gaming.

Slowly and gradually he started gaming, by the time he reached high school he spent his entire leisure time gaming.

Finally, in 2011, he joined YouTube as BnBENTERPR1SES.

Eventually, Snuckel made his YouTube channel named ‘Moo’.

His channel was solely for gaming and comedic commentaries.

Additionally, his first ever video for his channel was 10 kills in 30 seconds.

After this success was a straight ladder for him.

Furthermore, as of 2021, Snuckel has more than 3 million subscribers alone on his YouTube channel.

Apart from that Moo was the very first channel to work with vanoss gaming and currently its fourth crew member.

Vanoss Gaming is a YouTube channel created by Evan Fong where he posts montage-style videos of him and plays different games with other creators.

Further, Moo made a YouTube game named ‘Brock’.

This game is pretty popular for comedic commentaries of action games like Grand Theft Auto many such more games.

Moo doesn’t own just one channel but has 10 other individual channels as per sources.

Overall these years of hard work he is now considered a sensation for beginner gamers.

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Moo Snuckel Net Worth

It has been over 9 years when he first started his journey as a gamer on YouTube.

Furthermore, today, Snuckel has more than 1k videos, millions of subscribers and is a successful gaming YouTube star.

Likewise, he isn’t just popular on YouTube but other social media as well.

After having a good response from YouTube, he started to make feature videos of games and posted them on his social media.

This eventually grew his social media fan base as well.

Moo Snuckel currently has an estimated net worth of $3 million in 2021.

Moo Snuckel is 34 years old today. He was born on June 17, 1987, in Salt Lake City, Utah

Moo Snuckel is married to longtime girlfriend from highschool. Her name is Lauren.

Moo Snuckel and his wife Lauren have a daughter together. Her nick name is Briana. The couple have not revealed their baby’s face.

Moo Snuckel has a net worth of $3 million in 2021.

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