Ezer Billie White Wiki: Addison Timlin and Jeremy Allen White’s Daughter, Divorce, Now

Introducing Ezer Billie White, the captivating 5-year-old who holds a significant place in the lives of her well-known parents, Addison Timlin and Jeremy Allen White.

Born into the spotlight on October 20th, 2018, Ezer brings immeasurable joy to her parents’ lives.

But amidst the smiles and adorable moments, controversy looms as whispers of a recent separation between Jeremy and Addison swirl.

Speculations of infidelity and trust issues surround their divorce, leaving fans questioning the custody arrangements for their two beloved children.

Delve into the intriguing tale of Ezer Billie White and the unfolding chapters of her parents’ lives.

Ezer Billie White Quick Facts

Full NameEzer Billie White
Nick NameEzer
BirthdayOctober 20, 2018
Age5 years old
Birth PlaceNew York, USA
Father’s NameJeremy Allen White
Mother’s NameAddison Timlin
SiblingsDolores Wild White
Shoe Size
Hair ColorBlonde
Eye ColorBlue
Physique (Figure)Fit
Relationship Status
Famous AsJeremy Allen White and Addison Timlin’s Daughter
Net Worth$10 Million (Jeremy Allen White’s Net Worth)
Social Media

Wiki, Age, Bio: Ezer Billie White

Ezer Billie White holds a significant place in the lives of her parents, Addison Timlin and Jeremy Allen White, who are well-known figures.

Born on October 20th, 2018, Ezer Billie White is now 5 years old, bringing joy to her parents’ lives.

Addison and Jeremy announced their pregnancy via an Instagram post in June of 2018.

Addison posted a heartfelt message on her Instagram:

“We are expecting a baby, and I couldn’t be happier. Today is my birthday, and my wish has already come true. This is 27, and the best is yet to come.”

The young couple received an overwhelming flood of well-wishes and congratulations from their fans and followers.

Addison and Jeremy embraced their journey into parenthood with love and enthusiasm.

Proud of their little one, the devoted parents frequently share glimpses of their adorable child on social media, enabling their fans to partake in their joy and witness the beauty of their growing family.

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Ezer Billie White Early Life and Education

Right of the bat, young Ezer is famous than most in the entertainment industry, thanks to her parents.

Ezer Billie White with her parents
Ezer Billie White with her parents. (Addison/instagram)

She is American by nationality and belongs to the Caucasian Ethnicity background.

Since Ezer is just 5 years old, she’s probably in kindergarten or primary grade.

It currently remains unknown if Ezer goes to any school or her parents have decided to homeschool her.

Nevertheless, she’s accompanied by her younger sister, Dolorers Wild White, who was born on December 12, 2020.

Dolores is 3 years old today.

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Ezer Billie White Hobbies

Ezer has interests and pastimes just like any other youngster. Reportedly, the 4-year-old enjoys ballet, reading, and outdoor activities.

Ezer Billie White Net Worth and Assets

Ezer hasn’t started her profession yet and is now unemployed. She relies on her parents’ income and unquestionably enjoys a comfortable lifestyle.

Assets and properties owned by Ezer Billie White and her family

When the world was completely shut down in 2020, Jeremy, the father of Ezer, was using real estate applications to find a nice, opulent home for his family.

The value of his property hasn’t been made public, even though he purchased a luxurious home in New York the same year.

He mentioned, “I’m always on realtor apps. I’m a freak like that. And this house came along that was really inexpensive.”

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Dakota Johnson is Ezer and Dolores’ God Mother

Ezer’s mother Addison Timlin is very close with Fifty Shades of Gray actress Dakota Johnson.

Dolores Wild White with her godmother Dakota Johnson
Dolores Wild White with her godmother Dakota Johnson. (Addison/instagram)

And Dakota accepted Addison’s request to be godmother to her children.

Ezer and Dolores are very fortunate to have Dakota Johnson, one of the most famous actresses in the industry, as their godmother.

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Ezer Billie White Parents: Jeremy Allen White

Jeremy Allen White, an American actor, celebrates his birthday on February 17, 1991. He is 33 years old.

He gained widespread recognition for his portrayal of Phillip “Lip” Gallagher in the popular Showtime series “Shameless,” earning him immense fame and admiration.

Jeremy was born to Richard and Eloise White.

Richard and Eloise both pursued acting as a career.

Eloise is a North Carolina native and holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Virginia Commonwealth University.

The couple met while performing on stage and eventually married each other.

While both wanted to act professionally, they did not succeed.

Eventually, they made the decision to conclude their acting careers and secure jobs that would provide stability and support for their growing family.

Their dreams of acting were passed down to Jeremy.

Jeremy’s talent and versatility came forward in various series, including notable roles in “The Speed of Life” (2007) and “Afterschool” (2008), among others.

Over the years, his performances have captivated audiences and solidified his reputation in the industry.

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Ezer’s Parents: Addison Timlin

Addison Timlin White, an American actress, came into the world on June 29, 1991. She is 33 years old.

Originally from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, she embarked on her acting journey at a tender age, starting with the National Tour of Annie during the 2000-01 season.

With her talent and passion for the stage, she took on various orphan roles before eventually assuming the lead role when she was just 9 years old.

Her remarkable association with Annie continued, with performances at esteemed venues such as the Papermill Playhouse and the Theater of The Stars Tour, alongside John Schuck.

Addison’s love for acting also led her to the illustrious Broadway stage, where she made her debut as Baby Louise in the 2003 revival of Gypsy, sharing the spotlight with the renowned Bernadette Peters.

Transitioning to the silver screen, Addison mesmerized audiences with her first film appearance in 2005’s Derailed.

In the movie, she portrayed Amy, a 14-year-old girl living with diabetes, alongside acclaimed actors Clive Owen and Melissa George, who played her parents.

Throughout her career, Addison Timlin White has made a lasting impact with her remarkable performances.

Notable roles include Jami Lerner in the thrilling film The Town That Dreaded Sundown (2014), as well as Colleen Lunsford in the heartwarming movie Little Sister (2016).

Her versatility and talent have also been showcased in Showtime’s Californication, where she portrayed the character Sasha Bingham.

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Jeremy and Addison’s Marriage

Jeremy and Addison’s relationship is one hell of a ride.

Ezer Billie White and her parents
Ezer Billie White and her parents. (Addison/instagram)

It all started in high school, ended for a while in between and then got back to track.

Here’s a timeline of their relationship.

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Meeting in High School

Jeremy Allen White transferred to Addison Timlin’s performing arts high school in NYC during their freshman year.

They met and became friends, with Timlin describing it as “love at first sight” during a podcast interview.

Despite not dating at the time, they spent a lot of time together, cutting school and getting into trouble.

Falling Out and Reunion

When Timlin decided to transfer schools at the age of 15, they had a falling out fueled by teenage angst.

They were separated for a while but were brought back together when they both got cast in the 2008 movie “Afterschool.”

The universe seemed to intervene, reuniting them and bringing them closer once again.

Co-Starring in “Afterschool”

In 2008, Jeremy Allen White and Addison Timlin starred together in the movie “Afterschool” alongside Ezra Miller.

Initially, White had mixed feelings about working with his first love but eventually embraced the opportunity.

They briefly moved in together around the age of 18 while working on the film.

On-and-Off Relationship

After “Afterschool,” White and Timlin continued to be in each other’s lives, though their relationship was on-and-off.

They filmed separate projects and had other relationships, sometimes requiring deliberate separation.

When things were right, they found their way back to each other.

Going Social Media Official

On October 3, 2016, Addison Timlin posted an Instagram photo officially confirming their relationship.

She introduced Jeremy Allen White as her “ride or die guy” and expressed her love for him.

The post marked a public acknowledgment of their romantic connection.

Marriage and Parenthood

At some point, Jeremy Allen White and Addison Timlin got married.

They kept their wedding details private at a courthouse in 2019.

Jeremy and Addison often shared appreciation for each other publicly. During a Golden Globe award acceptance speech in early 2023, Jeremy publicly expressed his love for Addison.

He said,

“Addison Timlin. I love you deep in my bones. Thank you for all that you do. Thank you for everything you’ve done.”

However, just months after that very public display of affection and love, Jeremy and Addison have separated.

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Jeremy And Addison Divorce: What Is The Reason?

Actress Addison Timlin made the unexpected decision to file for divorce from her husband, Jeremy Allen White, on May 11, 2023.

The court documents confirm that the divorce process has commenced, although specific reasons for the divorce or details about the custody arrangement for their two children remain undisclosed.

Merely three days after filing for divorce, Timlin took to Instagram to share a poignant Mother’s Day post, where she revealed that she and White had been separated for a considerable period, more than nine months.

Addison Timlin's Instagram post about being single mom
Addison Timlin’s Instagram post about being single mom. (Addison/instagram)

In her post, she referred to herself as a single mother, expressing her heartfelt emotions.

The fact that the couple have separated for nearly a year, since 2022, and how Jeremy publicly expressed his love for Addison in January 2023, just isn’t making any sense to fans.

What’s more bizzare is the announcement without any clear picture. But we have sources.

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Did They Cheat, On Each Other?

Although the exact reason for their separation is not confirmed, rumors have emerged suggesting that infidelity might have played a role.

An anonymous tips suggests that Jeremy Allen White may have been involved with his personal assistant.

Similarly, another source claims that Addison Timlin may have been linked to an actor/writer/director whom she met through one of White’s female co-stars.

It’s important to note that these rumors are unverified and should be treated as speculative.

Another source close to Jeremy Allen White and Addison Timlin has revealed that trust issues were a significant factor in their relationship struggles, ultimately leading to their choice to end their marriage.

Despite their attempts to reconcile, they faced insurmountable difficulties, leading to their mutual decision to separate.

As the news of their split surprises fans and the public, the future paths of Jeremy Allen White and Addison Timlin remain uncertain.

Jeremy Allen White with his daughter Ezer
Jeremy Allen White with his daughter Ezer. (Addison/instagram)

Moreover, there’s the matter of their children’s future. Who will be getting the custody?

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Net Worth

As of today, Jeremy Allen White has a net worth of $10 million.

With lots of projects under his name, White’s most iconic role was the one in Shameless as “Lip.”

Reportedly, Jeremy received a salary of approximately $350,000 per episode and that’s a lot of money.

Similarly, from her career as an actress, Addison Timlin has a net worth of $400,000.

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