Farad Mills Bio, Age, Down Syndrome Author, Stephanie Mills

Stephanie Mills’ son, Farad Mills, was born on February 19, 2001, and is a 22-year-old Aquarius.

His mother is a famous American singer and songwriter, who raised him as a single mother after three failed marriages.

Farad was diagnosed with Down syndrome at birth, but has a medium-level syndrome, allowing him to perform many of the same tasks as others.

He is an author, student, and straight-A student whose biological father, according to public opinion, is Michael Saunders.

But that’s not the truth.

Farad Mills Quick Facts

Full NameFarad Mills
Nick NameFarad
BirthdayFebruary 19, 2001
Age22 years old
Birth PlaceUSA
Father’s NameStephanie Mills’ Friend
Mother’s NameStephanie Mills
Height4 feet 5 inches (1.37m)
Weight48 kg (105 lbs)
Shoe Size9
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorDark Brown
Physique (Figure)Fit
Relationship StatusSingle
Net Worth$1.5 million (Stephanie Mills Net Worth)
Social Media

Farad Mills Is An Aquarius

Farad Mills was born on February 19, 2001, in USA.

Today, he is 22 years old and his zodiac sign is Aquarius.

Stephanie Mills with young Farad Mills
Stephanie Mills with young Farad Mills. (Stephanie/Instagram)

Farad is the only child of his parents and grew up spending most of his time with his mother Stephanie Mills.

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His Mother Is Super-Famous

Stephanie Mills is a famous American singer and songwriter who was born in Brooklyn, New York in 1957. She is 66 years old today.

Stephanie Mill with her son Farad Mills
Stephanie Mill with her son Farad Mills. (Stephanie/Instagram)

She gained popularity after playing Dorothy in The Wiz, a Tony Award-winning African-American version of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.

Mills began her professional career at the age of 9 and even won the Amateur Night at the Apollo Theater for six weeks in a row when she was 11.

Her song “Home” from the show became a chart-topping hit and her anthem.

Mills had several more Number 1 R&B singles in the 1980s such as “I Have Learned to Respect the Power of Love,” “I Feel Good All Over,” “(You’re Puttin’) A Rush on Me,” and “Something in the Way (You Make Me Feel).”

She has had a successful career in music, but her personal life has been rocky. Mills has been married three times.

Her first marriage was to dancer, singer-songwriter, and choreographer Jeffrey Daniel from 1980-1983.

Her second marriage was to Dino Meminger in 1989, which ended in 1991.

Her third marriage was to Michael Saunders, a radio program manager from Charlotte, North Carolina, in 1993.

However, the couple split up after 8 years together in 2001. The reason for their split was never publicly disclosed.

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Who is Farad Mills’ Biological Father?

Stephanie Mills had her only son when she was 45 years old and raised him as a single mother.

Farad’s father’s absence is somewhat an intentional choice that Stephanie made.

In an interview with CNN, Stephanie revealed how she always wanted to have children while she was married.

However, since that never happened, the singer decided to become a parent on her own.

“I wanted to have children when I was married, but it just didn’t work out, so I chose to do it alone.”

Despite being a mother, Stephanie’s love for music did not diminish, and she even had more energy to continue writing music.

However, Stephanie has not revealed any information about Farad’s biological father.

From the beginning, Stephanie has taken on both the roles of mother and father for Farad.

Stephanie revealed that Farad’s father is a good friend of hers and she deliberately chose to keep his identity a secret.

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What Happened to Farad Mills?

Since his birth, Farad Mills has been diagnosed with Down syndrome.

However, Farad, has, what people call a medium-level syndrome which allows him to perform many of the same tasks as others.

Stephanie has always been honest about her son’s condition and works hard to raise awareness regarding the condition.

If you did not know, famous musician Chris Perez’s son, Noah Perez, also has down syndrome.

Stephanie often talks about how much she loves her son and considers him the love of her life.

She describes him as a smart, intelligent, funny, charismatic, handsome, and wonderful young man.

She also talks about how becoming a mother has changed her life for the better and that she has no regrets about anything.

Stephanie always gushes about how blessed she is to have her son and always tries to provide him with the best of everything, including unconditional love, peace, support.

She frequently posts pictures of them on social media and has experienced many priceless moments with him.

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Farad’s Upbringing

Stephanie Mills has always had a passion for music, and becoming a mother did not diminish her love for it.

In fact, she found that becoming a mother gave her more energy and drive to continue writing music.

She once said in an interview, “You feel like you can accomplish anything when you give birth.”

Despite being a single mother, she has managed to balance her music career and motherhood.

She received lots of support from her parents to raise her son as well which definitely made the whole process a lot easier.

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Does Farad Mills Have a Girlfriend?

It is unclear whether Farad is in a relationship or not, as he keeps his personal life private and does not disclose any information about his romantic status.

It is important to note that is a straight A student who likes to keep himself busy all the time.

So naturally, it would make sense if the young man isn’t thinking about relationships for the time being.

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Farad Mills Is An Author

In 2019, Farad Mills, with the help of his friends Kevin, Shanice, and Emma, made his authorial debut with a book titled The Adventures of Farad J!

It is about a spirited teen named Farad J., who loves traveling, hanging out with pretty girls, and pulling off pranks.

Farad J. hopes that readers will learn from the lessons he learns in the book, as his mischievous pranks often end up teaching him valuable life lessons.

Farad Mills is a prankster
Farad Mills is a prankster. (Stephanie/Instagram)

Those who want to buy the book can do so from a dedicated website, faradjm.com. The book is USD $20.

It is worth noting that Farad’s high level of functioning is not the only reason he was able to write this book – it is his passion and desire to share his stories with others that drove him to become an author.

His mother Stephanie was incredibly proud of her son and even sent out an endearing tweet on the day of the book’s release.

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Farad Mills Today

Any updates about Farad come from his mother’s social media page, as he prefers to keep his personal life private.

When he’s not engaged in creative activities, Farad is often seen accompanying his mother wherever she goes.

He goes to the Superbowl with her, gives her company while she’s traveling across cities and countries for work and so on.

While out and about, Farad also gets to meet with A-list celebrities and athletes.

Today, the mother-son duo live a comfortable life. Stephanie has a massive net worth of $1.5 million which ensures that Farad is well taken care of.

When was Farad Mills born, and what is his zodiac sign?

Farad Mills was born on February 19, 2001, and his zodiac sign is Aquarius. He is 22 years old.

Who is Farad Mills' Mother?

Farad Mills’ mother is Stephanie Mills, a famous American singer and songwriter known for her role as Dorothy in the African-American version of The Wizard of Oz called The Wiz.

Who is Farad Mills' biological Father?

Stephanie Mills has not revealed any information about Farad’s biological father, but she mentioned that he is a good friend of hers and she chose to keep his identity a secret.

What is Farad Mills' Condition?

Farad Mills has Down syndrome, but it is a medium-level syndrome that allows him to perform many of the same tasks as others. Stephanie Mills has been honest about her son’s condition and works hard to raise awareness about Down syndrome.

What Is Farad Mills' Book About?

Farad Mills co-authored a book called The Adventures of Farad J! with his friends in 2019. It is about a spirited teen named Farad J. who loves traveling, hanging out with pretty girls, and pulling off pranks. The book teaches valuable life lessons through Farad J.’s mischievous pranks.


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