Mason Morfit Massive Net Worth? Age, Divorce, Girlfriend, Now

Mason Morfit was born on September 27, 1976 and is a financial executive and the CEO of value act capital for over 20 years now.

Forbes also listed him in their “40 under 40” list.

Let’s get to know more about his journey.

Mason Morfit Quick Facts

Birthday: September 27, 1976

Birthplace:  San Francisco, United States

Age: 45 years old

Zodiac Sign: Libra

Height: 5feet 11 inches

Relationship Status: Dating

Wife: Divorced

Girlfriend: Jordana Brewster

Children: 3

Net Worth: $75 million

How Rich Is Mason Morfit? Net Worth In 2021

Mason’s career started as a research analyst at “Credit Suisse First Boston” right after finishing college.

While he was working at the credit Suisse, he met the founder of the value act capital “Jeff Ubben.”

Mason is currently a CEO of the San Francisco-based investment firm “Value Act Capital.”

He joined the firm in 2001 and has been its part ever since.

Before appointed as the CEO, Morfit worked as a chief investment officer.

In 2013 mason and value act created a report with suggestions for how Microsoft could make improvements and earn more profits.

Later he was named as one of Microsoft’s Board of Directors in 2014 and became one of the youngest members there.

This grabbed him the 10th spot in fortunes and also was listed in Forbes “40 under 40” list, which gave him an international spotlight.

Finally, in 2020, he sold 0.5 billion shares of Microsoft stock valuing over $500 MILLION.  

As mentioned earlier, in 2020, Microsoft sold half a billion worth of shares.

The idea was to increase Microsoft’s income while working with “value act capital.”

Who came up with the idea? Mason and his value act team. This idea later went on, becoming a super successful way of increasing income.

Therefore, Mason being the CEO, earned more than $2.5 million as compensation, which added a lot of fortune to his net worth.

Today, Mason Morfit has a total net worth of $75 Million.

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Mason’s Family Background, Parents

Mason Morfit was born on September 27, 1976, in United States of America.

As of today, Mason Morfit is 45 years old.

Mason’s father worked as a US diplomat because of which he had to spend his childhood times in Asia.

Mason moved between Indonesia and India until he was in seventh grade.

They moved to the United States after that and settled in Washington D.C.

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Mason Morfit Education

As mentioned earlier after he settled in Washington, D.C., he attended Sidwell Friends School. Morfit graduated from Sidwell Friends School in 1993.

After high school, he joined Princeton University for his bachelor’s degree.

He later graduated in 1997 with a degree in political economy.

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Is Mason Morfit Married? Who Is Wife?

Mason WAS a married man. He married Anna Mieke in 2004.

The two were happily married to each other and even had four children together, three sons and one daughter.

Not only this, they had spent millions of dollars on buying properties together.

They purchased a property worth $3.9 million and later purchased a house worth $1.75 million together.

Unfortunately, in January 2020, the couple decided to split and filed for divorce July 2020.

The reason for Mason’s divorce from Anna Mieke remains unknown.

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Mason Morfit & Jordana Brewster Romance

 Within months of their split, Mason was seen locking lips with a “Fast and Furious” star, Jordana Brewster.

When it comes to pass relationships, Morfit isn’t the only one who was previously married.

Jordana Brewster recently separated from her husband of 13 years in 2020.

Just weeks after Jordana filed for divorce, people spotted Jordana and Mason together.

Mason Morfit and girlfriend Jordana Brewster
Mason Morfit and girlfriend Jordana Brewster. (Jordana/Instagram)

Paparazzi later spotted Mason multiple times with the actress, and Jordana.

The couple even posts pictures with Mason occasionally.

Their relationship became official when the actress shared a screen shot her Facetime call with boyfriend Mason Morfit with the caption “I love you.”

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Mason & Jordana Engaged!

On September 14, 2021, Jordana announced via Instagram that she said yes to her boyfriend Mason Morfit when he asked her to marry him.

Mason Morfit & Jordana Brewster Engaged
Mason Morfit & Jordana Brewster Engaged. (Jordana/Instagram)

The couple are engaged to get married.

Mason proposed to his actress girlfriend at beach-side on a sunny day.

Mason took the photo while Jordana leaned on him, casually showing off her massive baguette-shaped diamond engagement ring.

Jordana Brewster engagement ring
Jordana Brewster engagement ring. (Jordana/Instagram)

The couple haven’t announced a wedding date as of today.

Who Is Jordana Brewster?

Jordana is an actress and a model.

Her breakthrough role in her career was of Mia Toretto in the action movie “The Fast and Furious.”

She reprised her roles in the sequels as well.

Talking about her personal life, the actress was married to Andrew Form, a television producer.

The couple married in 2007 and began a family together.

The duo welcomed two sons together, Julian and rowan. But in mid-2020, the actress filed for divorce.

As of today, Jordana has a massive net worth of $20 million.

How Old Is Mason Morfit?

Mason Morfit is 45 years old. He was born on September 27, 1976, in United States of America.

How Tall Is Mason Morfit?

Mason Morfit is 5 feet 11 inches or 180cm tall in height.

What Is Mason Morfit Net Worth?

Mason Morfit has a massive net worth of $75 million in 2021.

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