Fred Kotto [Yaphet Kotto’s Son] Worked As Police – Untold Truth

American TV writer, former football player, and a San Jose police department sergeant, Fred Kotto is best known as the elder son of late American actor Yaphet Kotto.  

Learn more about Fred Kotto in the article below.

Fred Kotto Quick Facts

Full Name: Frederick Kotto

Date of Birth: 1968

Age: 56

Zodiac Sign: Undisclosed

Current Residence: United States of America.

Nationality: American

Religion: Christianity

Ethnicity: African-American

Height: 5 feet 8 inches

Weight: 70 kg

Gender: Male

Relationship Status: Married

Wife: Stanka Vuckovic

Children: N/A

Profession: N/A

Famous as: Yaphet Kotto’s Son



Net Worth: Not Disclosed

Fred Kotto Wiki, Age, Bio

Fred Kotto was born in the year 1968, making him 56 years old at present.

He is yet to disclose his precise birthplace.

Likewise, Fred is the eldest son of his parents, Yaphet Kotto and Rita Ingrid Dittman.

Fred grew up along with two other younger siblings named Natascha and Robert Kotto.  

Apart from his biological siblings, he has three half-siblings: Sarada, Mirabai, and Salina.

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Fred Kotto Education

Fred attended the University of Washington and later enrolled at William H. Taft School of law.

However, it remains undisclosed as to which major Fred pursued while in University.

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More about Fred Kotto’s Family

Fred’s parents married in the year 1959.

Yaphet is a former American actor known for his applaudable roles in both big and small screen projects.

The actor started studying acting at the age of 16, and by 19, he had already made his debut in the called, Othello.

Yaphet was consistent and dedicated in his work and kept landing prominent roles, which gave his steadily rising career a massive boost.

At 23, Yaphet made his film debut through a small role in the movie 4 for Texas.’

Some of his other most recognized works are ‘Homicide,’ ‘The Running Man,’ and many more.

Yaphet’s career took him to new heights, and the actor enjoyed immense love and support from his fans.

Unfortunately, on March 15, 2021, the actor took his last breath. The reason for his death remains a secret as his family never revealed it to the public.

Like Fred’s mother, Rita was a German immigrant living in the USA when the pair first met, which remains the only information about her to date.

Rita was rather known as the wife of the late actor, Yaphet. After welcoming three kids together, their relationship started to strain.

Marriage and Divorce

After trying everything to save their marriage but still all in vain, Yaphet and Rita decided to split in the year 1976.

Rita completely withdrew herself from fame and media, so there aren’t any updates on her post the divorce.

On the other hand, the actor got married twice after his split with Rita, for the second time with Toni Pettyjohn and the third time with Tessie Sinahon.

The actor welcomed three children, Sarada, Mirabai, and Salina, with Toni.

Now, there is very limited information available about Fred’s siblings and half-siblings as they opted to stay out of the limelight.

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Who Is Fred Kotto’s Wife, Stanka Vuckovic?

Fred Kotto is a married man. Fred walked down the aisle with his wife, Stanka Vuckovic, back in March 2013.

Yet again, his wife Stanka prefers a lowkey life for which she has completely stayed out of the limelight and media attention.

As per sources, the pair hasn’t welcomed any children so far.

Nine years since their marriage, the pair is still going rock solid without any sign of separation.

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What Is Fred Kotto’s Height and Weight?

Fred is blessed with an amazing height of 5 feet 8 inches with a bodyweight of 70 kgs.

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Fred Kotto Career In Law Enforcement

In 1996, Fred started working for the San Jose Police Department. He has worked for the Metro Unit, Narcotics, and Patrol.

In 2008, Fred received a promotion to Sergeant, and he works in Patrol.

Sergeant Kotto also worked in cooperation with DEA and FBI against several major crime organizations.

He is a decorated member of the Crisis Intervention Team, conducting both Hostage Negotiations and high-risk Hostage Rescues.

Similarly, in the 400-meter dash, Fred won the High School State Track & Field Championship.

He played running back for the #1-ranked University of Washington Huskies at the time.

At the University of Washington, Fred also participated in track. With a personal best time of 46.2 seconds, he was among the fastest 400-meter sprinters in the world.

He was a true freshman when he received a varsity letter.

Sadly, his left knee was shattered in a motorbike accident just months before the 1998 U.S. Olympic Trials. According to doctors, running would be impossible and normal walking difficult.

But Fred, a fighter, managed to do the impossible as he later joined boxing and fully recovered.

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His Boxing Career

He also competed in “The Contender”, a popular TV show back then.

Fred currently has a boxing record of 19 wins, two losses, and 17 knockouts.

Sergeant Frederick Kotto gets inducted into the Police Amateur Athletic Foundation Hall of Fame for his excellent athletic achievements in boxing.

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Career in Scriptwriting

Fred started scriptwriting while actively serving in the police force.

In 2014, he retired from the force as the supervising Sergeant of the San Jose Police Department.

Since then, he has focused more on scriptwriting and wrote for NBC’s Chicago and many more.

Nevertheless, after his retirement, he was inclined more toward writing and did pretty well for the time being.

As of now, there aren’t many updates on his career, but we do believe he will return with some great projects soon.

Fred Kotto is 56 years old today. He was born in the United States of America.

Fred Kotto is the son of renowned actor Yaphet Kotto and his wife, Rita.

Fred Kotto has two biological siblings, Natascha and Robert Kotto. Kotto also has three half-siblings named Sarada, Mirabai, and Salina.

Fred Kotto is married to Stanka Vuckovic. Fred and Stanka married back in 2013

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