Gina Sasso, Thomas Mikal Ford Wife: Age, Bio, Net Worth

Gina Sasso is an American businesswoman and entrepreneur, renowned in the entertainment industry as the former wife of the late Thomas Mikal Ford.

Gina holds the position of Senior Marketing Communications Manager and currently serves as the Senior Vice President of Marketing & Communications at Cedar Gate Technologies.

Her ex-husband, Thomas Mikal Ford, was an American actor and comedian. Tragically, he passed away in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, on October 12, 2016, due to a ruptured abdominal aneurysm.

Together, Gina and Thomas have two children named Maddison and TJ Tommy Ford. They were in a relationship for over eleven years before their divorce.

Gina Sasso Age, Bio

Gina Sasso was born in Kingston, Jamaica, on March 13, 1963. She holds an American nationality and is of black ethnicity. She is currently 61 years old. Her zodiac sign is pieces.

Young Gina Sasso
Young Gina Sasso. (Pinterest)

The details of her parents have not been made public yet. Similarly, information on whether she has siblings has yet to be revealed.

She seems to have immigrated to the USA quite early in her life, during her teenage years. It is reported that she attended High school in Miami itself.

She has dark brown eyes and brown hair. Her height is believed to be around 5 feet 4 inches which is the average height.

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Thomas Mikal Ford, Gina Sasso’s Ex-husband

Thomas Mikal Ford, also known as Tommy Ford, was an American actor, producer, director, and author who was born on September 5, 1964.

Tommy Ford
Tommy Ford. (Pinterest)

Unfortunately passed away at the age of 52 on October 12, 2014, due to an aneurysm.

Thomas gained widespread recognition for his role as ‘Thomas “Tommy” Strawn’ in the popular comedy series “Martin.”

He also portrayed characters such as “Lt. Malcolm Barker” in “New York Undercover,” “Mel Parker” in “The Parkers,” and the “Pope of Comedy” in “Bill Bellamy’s Who’s Got Jokes?” Additionally, he directed several plays and appeared in various films.

In 1993, Ford directed and produced the play “South of Where We Live,” which explored the challenges faced by African-American professionals returning to their hometowns.

The production took place at the Ebony Showcase Theatre in Los Angeles.

During the same year, he directed the play “JoninTemplate,” a comedic portrayal of the college experience at a historically black institution in Washington, D.C.

Ford co-hosted the Texas Gospel Music Awards in 1993 alongside Yolanda Adams and actor Troy Curvey.

Furthermore, in 1998, he established the charity organization Be Still and Know.

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Relationship with Thomas Mikal Ford

Gina and Tommy met each other in Los Angeles. Gina and Tommy were both traveling to Los Angeles for work and that’s where their relationship began.

Tommy Ford and Gina Sasso together
Tommy Ford and Gina Sasso together. (Pinterest)

During this time, Thomas had already gained significant popularity in Hollywood, thanks to his role in the sitcom “Martin.”

Their initial meeting sparked their interest in each other, leading to them starting to date. After dating for quite some time, Gina Sasso and Thomas Mikal Ford got married in 1997.

Gina Sasso and Tommy Ford on their wedding day
Gina Sasso and Tommy Ford on their wedding day. (Pinterest)

Their wedding ceremony was grand and took place at the Rio Hotel and Resort in Las Vegas. Martin Lawrence and Carl Anthony Payne II, Ford’s co-stars and close friends, served as groomsmen.

Gina Sasso on her wedding day
Gina Sasso on her wedding day. (Pinterest)

Following their wedding, Gina and Thomas went on a romantic honeymoon in the Aruba islands.

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Gina Sasso’s Children

The couple welcomed two children together from their 17 years long marriage and lived in their beautiful homes in Los Angeles and Florida.

Gina Sasso and Tommy Ford's Children. (Facebook)
Gina Sasso and Tommy Ford’s Children. (Facebook). (Facebook)

Gina and Thomas have a daughter named Madison and a son named Thomas Jr. Ford.

Gina Sasso with her two children
Gina Sasso with her two children. (Facebook)

Their first child, Thomas Ford Jr., was born in 1997. Thomas Ford Jr. was born just a year after their marriage.

Thomas Ford Jr. is currently 27 years old and has completed his undergraduate degree. He is now pursuing a career in music under the stage name RealTFlows.

On the other hand, Gina and Thomas’ second child, Madison, has chosen to live a relatively private life.

Tommy Ford with his daughter Madison Ford
Tommy Ford with his daughter Madison Ford. (Facebook)

She was born on March 15, 2000, and she is 24 years old.

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Why did Gina and Thomas Divorce?

Despite their deep love, Gina and Thomas eventually ended their relationship after being together for 17 years.

Gina Sasso with Thomas Mikal Ford and children
Gina Sasso with Thomas Mikal Ford and children. (Facebook)

Their divorce was finalized in 2014, and there have been various speculations surrounding the reasons for their separation.

There’s a publicly believed rumor that Gina filed for divorce after discovering Thomas had been unfaithful, but she has never publicly confirmed the exact cause.

Following their divorce, Thomas Ford began dating Viviane De Sosa Beattie, also known as Viviane Brazil. Unfortunately, Viviane made accusations of abuse against Thomas during their relationship, which gained international attention.

Tragically, Thomas passed away due to a ruptured aneurysm in an Atlanta hospital.

After the divorce and Thomas’s passing, Gina chose to step away from the public eye and lead a private and peaceful life. She currently resides in Fort Lauderdale, Miami, Florida, serves as a registered Democrat.

Despite their separation, Gina and Thomas maintained a cordial relationship and continued to co-parent their children. Gina was by Thomas’s side when he passed away on October 2, 2016.

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Professional Career and Business Ventures

Gina is currently the president of Prime Sports Marketing LLC, a Florida-based company. She resides in Florida.

Her company, Prime Sports Marketing LLC, represents professional athletes, assisting them in negotiating deals and contracts.

Gina’s company has represented notable athletes like Usain Bolt, working on their marketing partnerships.

She has also collaborated with Wanda Durant, Kevin Durant’s mother, in the Lifetime film “The Real MVP: The Wanda Durant Story.”

Furthermore, Gina is a registered Democrat.

However, her career has faced controversy. She was involved in a legal dispute with Zion Williamson, a former Duke basketball player and top prospect in the 2019 NBA draft.

Williamson sued Prime Sports and Ford, seeking a court declaration to invalidate his contract with Prime Sports signed in April.

The complaint alleged that Gina, despite presenting herself as an agent, was not certified by the National Basketball Players’ Association (NBPA), the NBA’s exclusive negotiating agent.

Gina’s attorney, Joann Squillace, denied these allegations, asserting that Williamson was no longer a collegiate athlete at the time of signing and should be bound by the contract he signed as an adult.

While the specific details of Gina’s success in a competitive industry remain undisclosed, her positive attitude, forward-thinking mindset, and honest approach have contributed to her professional growth.

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Net Worth and Financial Status

Her net worth ranges between $1 million and $5 million, which she earned through her marketing firm and other companies and investments.

Before his death, Thomas Mikal Ford had an estimated net worth of $2 million, earned through his involvement in various acting roles and other endeavors.

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Private Life and Social Media Presence

Since Gina’s divorce from Thomas, she leads a private life, away from the scrutiny of the media.

Following her separation from her late ex-husband, Thomas Ford, she made the decision to step away from the public spotlight.

While Gina does have a Facebook profile, she is not very active on the platform.

Her last post dates back to 2020. On her profile, she has shared some family pictures and, on the second anniversary of Thomas Ford’s passing, she posted a memorial photo.

Gina also maintains a LinkedIn profile with approximately 950 followers. She tends to be more active on LinkedIn compared to Facebook.

However, she maintains a minimal media presence. Additionally, she does not have a Wikipedia page, nor does she engage on other social media platforms such as Instagram or Twitter.