Danny Koker Age, Wife, Korie Koker, Kids, Giant Net Worth

Danny Koker is an American reality star, producer, singer, and celebrity mechanic.

Or we simply call him the many with many professions. He is famous for his show “Counting Cars.”

Let’s get to know all about Danny Koker.

Danny Koker Quick Facts

Birthday: January 5, 1964

Birthplace: Cleveland, Ohio, United States of America

Age: 58 years old

Zodiac Sign: Capricorn

Height: 6 Feet 2 Inches

Relationship Status: Married

Wife: Korie Koker

Children: N/A

Net Worth: $13 million

Who Is Danny Koker? Family, Background, Education

Danny is a celebrity mechanic, producer, singer, and singer. He has many professions and let me tell you he has succeeded in all.

Danny was born in a family of 4. his father, Daniel Koker, who was a musician, and his mother, Mary Koker.

Danny also has a sibling named Kim.

Similarly, his father was a musician and played for bands like foggy river boys and many more.

Moreover, Danny’s uncle was also into music production. Both his father and his uncle inspired Danny, and he pursued a career in music.

At a young age, he even went touring with his uncle’s band, “The Rex Hum Bard Family Singers.”

Seeing his uncle touring and becoming a part of it influenced his career and motivated him to become like them.

On the other hand, along with music, Koker also began budding love for automobiles.

His love for automobiles started in his childhood days, mainly because his father bought Danny his first car when he was eight years old.

Danny attended valley high school and later attended the University of Nevada for higher studies and graduated from the same.

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Danny Koker Wife, Children, Family

Danny koker is a married man.

Koker married a beautiful woman named Korie, who shared some common interests with him.

Mainly in areas like business and following a passion.

As per sources, the duo dated for some time got engaged. Their pre-wedding relationship spanned five years.

Finally, Danny and Korie exchanged vows and got married in 2015. Since then, Mr. & Mrs. Koker remain in a happy marriage.

Danny Koker with wife Korie Koker
Danny Koker with wife Korie Koker. (Korie/Instagram)

What seems to bother fans is the fact that Danny and Korie have not started their own family.

Yes, the Koker couple does not have any children as of now.

Neither Danny Nor Korie have revealed any plans regarding having children or even adopting as well.

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Who Is Wife Korie Koker?

Born on 8 August 1965, Korie is a successful businesswoman.

Korie Koker
Korie Koker (Korie/Instagram)

Before being married to Danny, she worked as a production coordinator at one of the local television networks.

Not just this, Korie gave career in music a try. She started singing and formed a band with her friends.

However, her band never had their breakthrough and sadly got disbanded eventually.

The couple together opened and owned a restaurant called count’s Vamp’d rock bar and grill in Las Vegas.

Further about her career, she is the co-founder of a tattoo shop called ‘Count’s Tattoo Company’ with her husband.

Despite all her endeavors, it is very clear that Korie is mostly recognized as Danny koker’s wife.

Nevertheless, the couple is happily married to each other till this date.

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Danny Koker Career & Net Worth

As mentioned earlier, Danny is a man of many professions.

Even Danny’s family were interested in trying out new things, so they went ahead and bought the Las Vegas TV channel “Channel 33”.

There he played the character of cool count rider. And even became the host of that series named “Saturday Friday at the movies” in 1990.

This initially gained him a lot of fame.

Danny has millions of net worth that he earned from his various professions. He owns a net worth of $13 million as of 2022.

Here’s a thorough breakdown of his career.

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Danny Opened His Own Shop

After doing good in television, he now wanted to turn his hobbies of automobiles into a career. How?

He went ahead to open his own cars and motorcycles customization and restoration shop called ‘Counts Kustoms.’

This feat remains impressive, given the fact that he is self-taught in the world of auto mechanics.

Danny Koker Series & Shows

In 2010 Danny did another show, the pawn stars, by the history channel. Here he appeared as himself.

The owner of ‘Counts Kustoms’ on the series many times. This was when he became a household name.

When Danny received a lot of fame through that series, the history channel decided to hit the hammer in the hot rod.

You must be thinking, why? The channel took advantage of his fame and came up with another show with him.

The new show was named “Counting Cars.” This show showed around the daily activities at ‘Counts Kustoms.’ And Danny himself was the producer of this show.

The following remains as one of the longest-running shows.

Additionally, Danny was part of another host horror tv series named “Saturday Fright at The Movies” on Saturday nights at 10 pm, from 1990-2001.

Before his fame from counting cars, Danny was popularly known as count cool. The name came from his appearance.

Danny would ride around the Vegas streets dressed up like a hip on his pimped-out motorcycle.

In the 90’s people definitely known Danny was part of tv series named Saturday fright at the movies, where he would entertain his viewers with some horror flicks.

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Danny In A Band

This multitalented man is also the lead singer of a Las Vegas-based hard rock band called ‘Counts 77.’

Danny himself formed the band, which was comprised of members like Stoney Curtis, John Zitto, Paul Disibio, Barry Barnes, and Tommy Paris.

Some of their hit songs were summer of ’77, Lovin’ like this, etc.; this band became massively popular.

Danny Koker is 58 years old. He was born on January 5, 1964, in Cleveland, Ohio, United States of America.

Danny Koker is married to Korie Koker. The couple married in 2015. Korie is a businesswoman and co-founder of Counts Vamp’d Las Vegas.

Dany Koker and wife Korie Koker do not have any children as of now.

From his extensive career in music, and auto mechanics, Danny Koker has a massive net worth of $13 million in 2022.

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