Hilary Buckholz-Monrean [Jason Mesnick’s ex-wife] All Facts Unveiled!

Hilary Buckholz-Monrean is a businesswoman and an event technology professional best known for being the former wife of TV personality and realtor Jason Mesnick.

He is recognized for his stint in the famous show, the BacheloretteBachelorette.

Unfortunately, the two were married way before his appearance on the show, so here is everything you need to know about Hilary.

Hilary Buckholz-Monrean Quick Facts

Birthday: Unknown

Birthplace: United States of America

Age: 40-45 years old

Zodiac Sign: Leo

Height: 5 feet 6 inches

Weight: 58 kg

Relationship Status: Divorced

Husband: Jason Mesnick (former)

Children: One 

Net Worth: $1.5 Million

Hilary Buckholz-Monrean Age, Background

Hilary Buckholz currently goes by the name Hilary Madison Wynn Laney.

She hails from the united states, yet no information about her birthdate, precise birthplace, or her parents has been revealed.

Likewise, if we go for her looks, she appears to be in her early or mid-forties.

Furthermore, she attended Forest Ridge School and later continued her schooling at Mercer High School.

Hilary enrolled in the University of Washington and graduated from there; however, her majors remain unknown.

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Who Is Hilary Buckholz Married To?

Hilary Buckholz was previously married to an American television star and a realtor, Jason Mesnick.

Jason Mesnick is best known for his stint on the popular show, The Bachelorette season 4.

Jason became a runner-up for its 4th season.

Later, he re-appeared on the show on its 13th season.

The TV personality is remembered as one of the most memorable casts in the show’s history. But let’s not talk about that right away.

Now, Jason and Hilary met way before he knew fame.

It remains inexact where the couple initially met or anything else about their relationship.

Since their marriage happened before his appearance on the show, Hilary did not have the spotlight over her. And it remained like that afterwards as well. .

The two took vows in 2003 and welcomed their only son Tyler (ty) Mesnick, in 2005.

Two years later, in 2007, the pair decided to go separate ways and stated personal differences for their split.

Now, she is fifteen years old, and the pair shares joint custody of their son TY.

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Jason Mesnick and Hilary Buckholz Re-married?

As mentioned above, Jason remains as one of the most memorable cast in the history of Bachelorette.

It was because of his two engagements and indecisiveness.

At the show’s finale, he faced a challenge, choosing between two contestants, Melisa Rycroft and Molly Maloney. 

Initially, he chose to go with Melisa, and everything went well for a while.

When Jason realized that Melisa wasn’t a perfect match; she broke off things with her and her proposed Molly.

The two are now married and are going pretty strong.

However, there isn’t any such news about her next relationship after Jason for Hilary.

Maybe she remarried or just went on with her life; well, that information is inexact at the moment.

Neither she ever showed up in media nor entertained any media attention.

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Hilary Buckholz-Monrean In 2022

As mentioned, Hilary avoids any media attention; however, that doesn’t mean her other life details are unknown.

She is a successful businesswoman and an event technology professional.

Hilary is the owner and co-owner of Evia Events and enjoys a wealthy and successful life.

Her identity isn’t just based as a celebrity wife but as a businesswoman and an advocate for environmental sustainability.

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