Jimmy Riffle [2021 Update] Age, Wife, Married Life, Relationship, Married, Kids

Jimmy Riffle is a famous TV personality who gained fame by his unique wrestling act called the alligator wrestling.

He is known for his works in Gator Boys, shown on the animal Planet channel.

Here’s everything we know about Jimmy Riffle. From his relationship, love life to his net worth.

Jimmy Riffle Quick Facts

Birthday: August 10, 1968 

Birthplace: Plantation, Florida, United States of America 

Age: 53 Years Old

Zodiac Sign: Leo

Height: 5 feet 10 inches

Parents: Kim Riffle (mother)

Brothers: Andy Rifle

Relationship Status: Engaged 

Fiancée: Sara Barbara

Jimmy Riffle Age, Background

Many people seem to run away in fear when they see alligators, but it is not the same for Jimmy Riffle.

On the contrary, it seems like he enjoys wrestling them.

Jimmy Riffle is a licensed alligator trapper and seems to work with other animals like snakes and different exotic species of birds, and many more.

He loves to work with wild animals, appearing in a daring show like ‘Gator Boys.’

Jimmy was drawn towards animals from his childhood days.

He started to work as a volunteer in an alligator zoo located in his hometown at just the age of eleven.

Due to his remarkable skills and hard work, at the age of 18, he became manager of Native Village.

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Jimmy Riffle’s Wife-To-Be, Relationship

Jimmy Riffle is in a loving relationship with his longtime partner Sara Barber.

Jimmy Riffle with his partner Sara Barber
Riffle with his partner Sara Barber. (Jimmy/Instagram)

He has great chemistry with his girlfriend-turned-fiancée, who also happens to be his co-worker/employee at ‘Gator Boys.’

Jimmy and Sara began dating each other back in July 2011 and have been together ever since.

Jimmy proposed to his girlfriend Sara in March 2018 with a beautiful diamond ring on their trip to Belize.

Sara Barber engagement ring
Sara Barber engagement ring. (Jimmy/Instagram)

This trip became memorable to both the couples. 

Sara also works in the same field as Jimmy, so they are compatible with one another.

He has been open about his relationship with his girlfriend, and fans can always see how much in love they are with one another via social media.

There are no hints and information about their marriage, but we can see that it will be happening soon.

They don’t have any kids yet.

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Jimmy Riffle As A Gator Boy.

Jimmy is a wild animal lover, and he spends his childhood volunteering in an alligator zoo.

The owner of the Native Village, Mike Skeet Johns, was his mentor. He taught him how to care for and handle wild and exotic animals.

His mentor was like a father to him, and he learned very well with Mike and followed in his footsteps.

He is the co-owner of the Gator Boy Alligator Rescue, and he is also the main member of the show called Gator Boys along with his partner Paul Bedard which is shown in Animal Planet.

In the show, they rescue the alligators and bring them back into their natural habitat.

The show highlighted their work and showed how they handled alligators as their daily work.

They rumor that they used captures alligators to do their show and didn’t handle it well.

But Jimmy and Paul said that 95% is real while some alligator catching is for reenactments.

The show Gator Boy has been off for a while.

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Who Is Jimmy Riffle’s Fiancée, Sara Barber?

Sara Barber was born on May 22, 1991, in Florida, and today, she is 30 years old.

Primarily, Sarah remains famous as the girlfriend-turned-Fiancée of Jimmy Riffle.

A little background checks on her, and we found out that Jimmy and Sara have a lot in common.

Jimmy Riffle with his partner Sara Barber holding an alligator
Jimmy Riffle with his partner Sara Barber holding an alligator. (Jimmy/Instagram)

Sara has been working with ‘gators since the age of 12 and remains all too well familiar with the whole adventure scene.

As of today, Sara works along with Jimmy in Gator Boy Alligator Rescue.

As an employee at ‘Gator Boys,’ Sara looks after the sales of his company.

Sara is active in social media like Instagram and Facebook.

Sara has 2k followers on her Instagram account, while she has 1k followers on her Facebook account.

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Jimmy Riffle’s Age & Birthday?

Jimmy was born on August 10, 1968, in Plantation, Florida, United States of America.

He is 53 years old and will be 53 years old this year, 2021.

Jimmy has a great height of 5 feet 10 inches.

He celebrates his birthday in August of every year.

His zodiac sign is Leo. The people with the zodiac sign Leo have traits like being ambitious, courageous, and confident

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Jimmy Riffle’s Parents

Jimmy Riffle was born to his mother, Kim Riffle.

Further information regarding who his father is, what occupation his parents were involved in remains unknown.

Jimmy also has a brother, and his name is Andy Riffle.

His brother is working along with him in the show.

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Jimmy Riffle’s Net Worth

Jimmy Riffle went to South Plantation High, and in his high school, he started to do volunteering for the exotic forests of Florida.

Slowly he started volunteering in the ‘Alligator Zoo’ called ‘The Native Village.’

Then he became the co-founder of ‘Gator Boy Alligator Rescue.’

He also has his restaurant called ‘Old Florida BBQ Restaurant’ in his hometown, Florida.

Jimmy also has his YouTube channel ‘Into The Wild with Jimmy Riffle.’

So, we can see he has a great source of income.

His net worth is $500k, and his average salary is $42k.

Riffle is active in social media like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

He has 23.4 k followers in his Instagram account.

There are 1k followers in his Facebook account.

As for now, he is actively involved in a Fundraising event for Scales Tails and Teeth Wildlife Park.

Similarly, he also does demonstrations of alligators for the park.

Jimmy Riffle Age

Jimmy Riffle is 53 years old today. He was born on August 10, 1968, in Plantation, Florida, United States of America.

Jimmy Riffle Wife

Jimmy Riffle is not married today. He is engaged to longtime girlfriend Sara Barber who is a 30 years old, Florida native.

Jimmy Net Worth

As of 2021, Jimmy Riffle has a net worth of $500k.


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