Is NFL’s Jonathan Vilma Married? Meet His Daughter

Jonathan Vilma is a former football player who is now working as a commentator for the ESPN channel.

Football fans well know him as he was a talented football player.

Here’s everything we know about Jonathan Vilma.

Jonathan Vilma Quick Facts

Birthday: April 16, 1982 

Birthplace: Coral Gables, Florida, United States of America 

Age: 40 years old

Zodiac Sign: Aries

Height: 6 feet 1 inch

Parents: Fritz Vilma (Father), Nelly Banatte (Mother)

Siblings: Alice Vilma

Relationship Status: Single

Daughter: Samaara Vilma

Who is Jonathan Vilma? Background

Jonathan Vilma is a former football player.

He got a scholarship for the University of Miami and started playing football for Miami Hurricanes.

Jonathan played for Miami Hurricanes from 2000 to 2003, and while playing in this period, he attracted the attention of various NFL scouts.

Furthermore, Vilma started his professional career in football by marking his debut by playing for New York Jets.

After playing for New York Jets, he even bagged the Rookie award and justified all the people’s expectations.

He played for New Orleans Saints after playing for New York Jets.

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Jonathan Vilma’s Love Life, Wife, and Kids

Jonathan Vilma seems to have kept his love life and his relationship to himself and never hinted or disclosed much about it to the media.

It was in speculation that he was in a one-year relationship, but the girl was not mentioned or disclosed by him in any manner.

From the photos he has posted in media, he seemed to have a daughter.

His daughter’s name is Samara Vilma. There is no information regarding who is her mom and is the mom of Samara, his wife.

But since there is no photo of Samara’s mom ever on social media or any other platforms.

So, many say that Jonathan is a single dad and is taking great care of his daughter.

He is a loving dad and has a great smile on his face whenever he is with his daughter. We can see it in photos too.

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Is Jonathan Vilma Married or Dating?

As of today, Jonathan Vilma is not married.

Many people who follow Jonathan on his social media want to know who is Vilma’s wife.

People specifically ask for Jonathan’s wife because he has a daughter.

Jonathan VJonathan Vilma with his daughter Samaara Vilmailma with his daughter Samaara Vilma
Jonathan Vilma with his daughter Samaara Vilma. (Jonathan/Instagram)

That’s right, people; Vilma has a daughter.

He often posts a picture with his adorable young princess and sets father-daughter goals.

As per our knowledge, Vilma has full custody of his daughter.

This strongly suggests that he was previously married or maintained a serious relationship at least.

And he did have a relationship. Further down below.

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Jonathan Vilma’s Baby Mommy, Britny Bock

Jonathan Vilma with ex-partner Britny Bock in 2013
Jonathan Vilma with ex-partner Britny Bock in 2013. (Nola/Peter G. Forest)

Back in the early 2010s, Jonathan began dating Britny Bock, a very beautiful woman.

Vilma and Bock attended social events together and maintained a very healthy relationship.

Jonathan and his then-girlfriend Britny Bock attended the 2013 Celebrity Servers at Morton Steakhouse.

Vilma and Britny also welcomed a baby daughter in their life and named her Samaara Vilma.

Although the couple thought of remaining together long-term, their relationship soured over the years.

Similarly, by 2015, Jonathan and Britny split and went their separate ways, and temporarily agreed on a set parenting role and child support payment.

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Jonathan and Britny’s Court Battle

In 2018, Vilma sought changes in child support arrangements that the couple agreed on in 2016.

Around the same time, Britny, living with her daughter Samaara in Florida, decided to move to Maryland permanently.

Again, in July 2018, Jonathan sought changes in his earlier petition.

Along with his request for a reduction in child support amount, Jonathan also wanted an increased role in Samaara’s parenting.

Again in 2019, things became disturbed when Samaara went to spend summer with Vilma.

He failed to return her to Britny in Maryland by August, which was the agreed time.

Vilma also unanimously enrolled Samaara in a school in Miami, Florida.

While Britny sought court appeal for returning Samaara to Maryland and make it her permanent home, the Miami-Dade court dismissed this motion.

As of today, Samaara lives with Jonathan in their Miami, Florida home, full-time.

Jonathan also suggested that he now has full custody of Samaara.

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Jonathan Vilma’s Age & Birthday?

Jonathan Vilma was born on April 16, 1982, in Coral Gables, Florida, United States of America.

Vilma is 40 years old today. He celebrates his birthday in April of every year.

The 6 ft 1 inch Jonathan has the zodiac sign of Aries. People with the Aries sign seem to be motivated, passionate, and contains leader traits.

He also has traits of a leader, so he was able to gain wins in the games he played during his career.

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Jonathan Vilma’s Parents

Jonathan’s Father’s name is Fritz Vilma, while his mother’s name is Nelly Banate.

Their parents are immigrants and are originally from Haiti. His parents nurtured him well, along with his sibling Alice Vilma.

He was brought up along with Alice.

Jonathan made his parents proud, and this couldn’t be without his parents’ support and love. Due to this, he reached the peak of fame and success.

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Jonathan went to G.W. Carver Middle School and Coral Gables High School for his schooling. During his high school years, Vilma also played football. 

So this interest later helped him to choose his career as a professional football player. 

Similarly, Vilma went to the University of Miami as he got a scholarship to study there. He graduated from the University with a degree in Finance.

Jonathan started his football career by playing first for New York Jets. He later played for New Orleans Saints.

The year 2012 was his dark year as he was involved in a controversy.

The controversy said that Vilma paid $10,000 to someone in a 2009 game to knock out Bret Favre.

He got suspended for an entire season of that year.

At the end year of 2013, he had faced many injuries, so he decided to retire and bid farewell to his career in the year 2014.

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Jonathan Vilma Net Worth

Now he works as a commentator for ESPN Channel.

He had a high income from his career. Similarly, it is said that he earns $70,000 every year from working in ESPN.

His net worth is estimated to be $21 million.

Vilma remains active on social media like Instagram and Facebook. On his Instagram, there are 18.2k followers.

Jonathan Vilma is 40 years old. He was born on April 16, 1982, in Coral Gables, Florida, United States of America.

Jonathan Vilma is not married. He was previously in a relationship with Britny Bock. The couple later split in mid-2010s.

Jonathan Vilma has a daughter named Samaara Vilma. He welcomed Samaara with Britny Bock. In 2021, Jonathan has full custody of his daughter.

Jonathan Vilma has a net worth of $21 million today in 2021.

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