Maria Bartiromo Married Life, Affair Rumor, Husband & Family In 2021

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Maria Bartiromo is an award-winning journalist, news anchor, and author.

She is a 2-time Emmy award winner for her brilliant performance in the field of journalism.

We have compiled all her life details from personal and professional below.

Maria Bartiromo Quick Facts

Birthday: September 11, 1967

Birthplace: Brooklyn, New York

Age: 54 years old

Zodiac Sign: Capricorn

Height: 5 feet 4 inches   

Relationship Status: Married

Husband: Jonathan Steinberg 

Children: 0                              

Weight: Unknown

Salary: $10 million annually

Net Worth: $50 million

Maria Bartiromo Background

Maria was born on September 11, 1967, which makes her 54 years at present.

She was born to Italian-American parents Vincent Bartiromo and Josephine Bartiromo.

Bartiromo’s parents raised her in the Dyker Heights section of Southern Brooklyn in New York City and her siblings. Her sister, Theresa Santoro, and brother as well.

Her parents own and run a Rex Manor restaurant in Brooklyn.

Furthermore, she did her high school at Font bone Hall academy.

Similarly, she attended New York University with BA with majors in journalism and economics for further studies.

Maria was a brilliant student who excelled in her academics during her school and university days.

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Maria Bartiromo Married Life, Husband

Maria is married to the founder and CEO of an ETF company wisdom tree, Jonathan Steinberg.

Bartiromo and Steinberg married on June 13, 1999, in the village of Quogue.

As per our speculation, Maria and Jonathan dated each other for a long time before getting married.

Young Maria Bartiromo with her husband Jonathan Steinberg
Young Maria Bartiromo with her husband Jonathan Steinberg. (Maria/Instagram)

This gave them time to know each other and become familiar as well.

Following their marriage, they have been facing many controversies and rumors about affairs, pregnancy, and divorce.

However, regardless of all those pesky rumors, everything is all well between the two.

They remained together during the tough times and proved to have an indestructible marriage.

Moreover, the duo is in a contented marriage to date and live a luxurious life in Westhampton, New York.

Maria never fails to appreciate her husband even after 22 years together.

Maria Bartiromo with her husband Jonathan Steinberg on their wedding day
Maria Bartiromo with her husband Jonathan Steinberg on their wedding day. (Maria/Instagram)

Now and then, she posts their pictures together with an endearing caption to them.

As a matter of curiosity for many of their fans, Maria and Jonathan haven’t welcomed any children yet.

And there’s a clear reason for that. She does not want to.

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Maria Bartiromo Never Wanted Children

For the most of her career, Bartiromo has only focused on rising in her professional life and maintaining marriage with her husband, Jonathan.

In that equation, children never fit in.

While fans always speculated that Maria and Jonathan had an underlying and undisclosed medical reason for not having any kids.

But, Maria revealed that it was her choice not to have kids, and that choice has served her right as well.

In an interview, Maria said,

“I feel good about the choices that I made.”

However, everyone has a little chip of doubt on the decisions they made early in life. Maria does too.

Bartiromo, ever so slightly, hopes that she doesn’t regret her decision to not have kids.

Now, Maria does not plan on regretting it as well. However, there’s a note of uncertainty always lingering over such life-changing decisions.

“I believe that right now, I’m happy. I have been happy. I hope I don’t have regrets for not having children at some point; I’ll be honest in telling you that. I have no idea at some point if I will.”

However, As of now, Maria Bartiromo does not have any regrets. She’s ever so happy with her decision that helped her achieve massive success in her career.

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Who is Husband Jonathan Steinberg?

Born on November 7, 1965, Jonathan Steinberg is a founder and CEO of an ETF company wisdom tree since 1999.

He comes from a wealthy family, where his father was a billionaire by the age of 40.

Similarly, Jonathan took his father as an inspiration and followed in his footsteps.

He was in his mid 20’s when he bought a tabloid called the Penny Stock Journal, which collapsed a few years later.

Even then, Steinberg did not give up; he re-branded it to wisdom tree and made it a success.

Despite having his fair share of struggles, Jonathan succeeded in the long term.

While he maintains an impressive position in his line of work, Jonathan is famous as Maria’s husband for the public.

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Maria Bartiromo and Todd S. Thomson

Back in 2013, shocking news came to revelation when Todd S. Thomson, a former Citigroup Chief’s wife, called Maria a witness to their divorce.

It all happened when the media got a whiff of a possible relationship between Maria and Todd.

However, as it happens, Todd had a thing for Maria. Or, as people say, Todd was infatuated by Maria.

So much so that he spent millions in that chase.

In 2007, Todd reportedly flew Maria on Citigroup’s private jet to attend an event in Asia.

Todd further splurged $5 million as a sponsor of a Sundance that Bartiromo was set to host.

Unfortunately, things did not work out very well for Todd. Citigroup sacked Todd the same year in 2007.

The alleged reason being he spent way many funds of the acceptable company.

In 2013, Todd’s ex-wife Melissa requested permission to present Maria as a witness for their divorce procedure.

In a separate interview, Todd revealed that his relationship with Maria was appropriate, which means that they did not have any romantic affair.

Similarly, these affair rumors never affected Maria and her husband’s relationship at all.

Maria Bartiromo Age

Maria Bartiromo with her husband Jonathan Steinberg

Maria Bartiromo is 54 years old. She was born on September 11, 1967, in Brooklyn, New York.

Maria Bartiromo Husband

Maria Bartiromo with her husband Jonathan Steinberg on their wedding day

Maria Bartiromo is married to her husband Jonathan Steinberg. Jonathan is an investor by profession. The couple married on June 13, 1999.

Maria Bartiromo Children

Maria Bartiromo and her husband Jonathan Steinberg do not have any children. Maria revealed she never wanted to have children and remains happy with her decision.


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