Rhonda McCullough Remarried After Bernie Mac’s Death: Today

Rhonda McCullough is an American author, public speaker and producer best known as the widow of the late Bernie Mac, an American comedian, and actor.

She is well known outside of her job because of her former marriage with the actor.

Rhonda McCullough Quick Facts

Full NameRhonda McCullough
Nick NameRhonda
Age66 years old
Birth PlaceChicago, Illinois, USA
EducationChicago Vocational High School
Father’s Name
Mother’s Name
SiblingsCharoni Gibbs
Height5 feet 5 inches (1.68m)
Weight68kg (150 lbs)
Shoe Size7
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorDark Brown
Physique (Figure)Plus
Relationship StatusMarried
HusbandHorace Gilmore
Ex-HusbandLate Bernie Mac
DaughterJe’Niece McCullough
Net Worth$15 million (Bernie Mac’s Net Worth)
Social Media@mcculloughgilmore

The Love Story of Bernie Mac and Rhonda McCullough

Rhonda McCullough and Bernie were high school friends, but Rhonda was not initially interested in Bernie, despite his popularity with other female students.

However, after getting to know each other better, Rhonda started dating Bernie.

Rhonda remembered that one of the first things Bernie said to her was, “You ain’t never seen nobody Black and pretty as me,” as he patted his face.

After three years of dating, the couple got married on September 17, 1977, at the age of 19. Rhonda was pregnant with their first child at the time.

Bernie Mac with Rhonda McCullough
Bernie Mac with Rhonda McCullough. (Rhonda/Instagram)

Six months after their wedding, Bernie and Rhonda welcomed their daughter, Je’niece Childress, into the world.

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They Lived On Food Stamps & Aid

Bernie and Rhonda’s relationship remained strong even as his career in entertainment was still in its early stages.

Their solid foundation and bond helped them weather financial struggles, including relying on food stamps and government assistance.

Despite this, Rhonda supported Bernie’s dream of becoming a successful comedian and worked as a nurse to support their family.

Bernie’s perseverance paid off in 1990 when he won the Miller Lite Comedy Search, leading to a steady rise in fame and popularity. However, their enduring relationship remained unaffected by his success.

As Rhonda recalled, they didn’t live in the spotlight, and Bernie always returned home after completing film or TV productions.

They had already been through so much in their 15+ years of marriage, and the success only solidified the support they had for each other.

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Bernie Passed Away In 2008

Rhonda stood by Bernie’s side until the end, fulfilling her promise to support him throughout his battle with sarcoidosis.

She witnessed number of painful and difficult moments during Bernie’s hospitalization, including doctors putting a feeding tube down his throat, resuscitation Bernie when his heart stopped, and the agony and distress Bernie felt.

Bernie passed away in the early morning of August 9, 2008, at the age of 50, due to complications from the disease. The loss was devastating for Rhonda, whose world revolved around Bernice since the age of 16.

In a later interview, Rhonda opened up about the heartbreak she felt after losing her soulmate.

She wondered what her purpose was without him and how she was going to make it through the difficult times ahead.

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Bernie and Rhonda’s Daughter Je’Niece McCullough

Bernie Mac and Rhonda McCullough welcomed their daughter, Je’Niece McCullough, on January 21, 1978, in Chicago, USA. She is 46 years old.

Bernie Mac with his daughter Je'Niece Childress
Bernie Mac with his daughter Je’Niece Childress. (Je’Niece/Instagram)

She graduated from Morgan Park High School in 1995 and went on to earn her B.S. in psychology from Xavier University of Louisiana in 2000.

Je’Niece also obtained a master’s degree in mental health counseling from the same university.

Je’Niece is an American public speaker, writer, and philanthropist who gained prominence after being a guest on the Can We Talk podcast, where she talked about parental wounds and trauma.

After graduating, she joined The South Suburban Council where she supported eligible TANF (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families) participants in setting, achieving, and sustaining vocational goals.

She later became the Vice President of the Bernie Mac Sarcoidosis Foundation.

In 2002, Je’Niece married her husband, Theatris Childress III. The couple welcomed their daughter in 2005.

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How Je’Niece Remembers Bernie

Je’Niece was 30 years old when Bernie passed away.

The memories that Je’Niece and Bernie shared were very precious ones. However, it’s her father’s legacy that she remembers most.

Bernie was Je’Niece’s dad, her hero.

But the fact that Bernie belonged to the people as well, this always gave Je’Niece a sense of pride.

Je’Niece expressed that it was heartwarming to witness how her father’s legacy continued to inspire and impact people even after his death, and she felt grateful that his memories were being cherished by all those who knew him. She also mentioned:

“It’s amazing to see how people look up to him and how he has become an integral part of pop culture history and a comedy icon.”

Je’Niece added that her father, Bernie Mac, would have been proud and happy to see the way he was remembered and celebrated.

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Bernie’s Wife, Rhonda McCullough Re-Married

Following the death of Bernie Mac, Rhonda was still grieving when she was introduced to Horace Gilmore by her sister Charoni in 2009. Initially, Rhonda had no interest in dating, let alone getting married again. However, fate had other plans in store for her.

Rhonda and Horace met at a party thrown by one of her mother’s friends, and they immediately felt a connection. Their first date lasted for 13 hours, and Rhonda believed that God had brought him into her life.

It was during their conversations that Rhonda discovered that they both shared the pain of losing their spouses, as Gilmore’s wife had also passed away not long after Bernie.

She found it amusing that both the men she fell in love with lacked cooking skills, but she believed that she was meant to be the one doing the cooking.

One evening, she surprised Horace with her culinary skills by cooking a delicious meal consisting of short ribs of beef, macaroni and cheese, greens, sweet potatoes, and cornbread.

Despite their different backgrounds and experiences, Rhonda and Horace complement each other well.

After more than a year of dating, Rhonda and Horace married each other in 2011.

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Rhonda McCullough: Biography, Age

Rhonda McCullough was born in the year 1958, in Chicago, Illinois, USA.

She is 66 years old.

Rhonda is a stunning woman with a height of 5 feet 5 inches and a complementing bodyweight of 68 kg.

Furthermore, Rhonda grew up with a younger sister named Charoni Gibbs.

Rhonda attended Chicago Vocational High School, where she completed both her elementary schooling and high school as well.

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Rhonda McCullough Career

One of her most recognized works as an author is “The Teenage Liberation Handbook,” which has sold over one hundred thousand copies to date.

Rhonda has also worked as a producer, and her credits include “Project Purple: Mission Sarcoidosis Awareness,” “I Ain’t Scared of You: A Tribute to Bernie Mac,” and “Unsung Hollywood.”

Furthermore, she serves as the CEO and president of the Bernie Mac Foundation that her late husband established in 2007 with the goal of leveraging his platform to support and raise awareness for individuals who have the illness.

Rhonda McCullough Supporting Bernie Mac Foundation
Rhonda McCullough Supporting Bernie Mac Foundation. (Je’Niece/Instagram)

In addition to her successful career in the entertainment industry, Rhonda McCullough is also an accomplished public speaker and has won a speech competition held by the International Toastmasters.

She has also had a career in education and has taught various English-related topics.

Rhonda McCullough has a passion for cooking and is known for her delicious cuisine, which her late husband Bernie Mac greatly enjoyed.

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Bernie Mac – An Introduction

Bernie Mac was born on October 5, 1957, in Chicago, Illinois.

Mac was one of five children of Mary McCullough and Jeffrey Harrison. He and his father had a strained relationship, thus his mother raised him all by herself.

Mary died in 1973 after a long battle with cancer, when Bernie was just 16 years old.

He was raised alongside his two sisters, Bernita and Stacy, an older brother, Carl (Glynn Turman), and a younger brother, Darryl.

Soon after that, another tragedy struck the family when his brother died of a heart attack in 1974, and he also lost his father around the same time.

Mac graduated from Chicago Vocational High School in 1975.

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How Did He Become Famous?

Bernie became responsible at a young age as he had to financially support himself.

In his twenties and into his early thirties, Mac held a variety of professions, including those of a janitor, coach, professional mover, Sears delivery man, furniture mover, and UPS agent, all the while performing stand-up comedy on the weekends at gatherings and clubs.

He got his big break in the year 1990 after winning the Miller Lite Comedy Search.

He had a good kickstart to his career after appearing in “Def Comedy Jam” in the 1990s, a Russell Simmons-produced HBO comedy series.

The Comedian had a hefty net worth of $15 million dollar at the time of his death in 2008.

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Rhonda’s Social Media Presence

Rhonda has moved on with her life and is doing good both personally and professionally.

However, we get to see some glimpses and updates of Rhonda on the official insta page of the Bernie Mac Foundation.

Despite the fact that it appears that she isn’t the one using it, we do receive her updates on social media.

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