Rupert Everett Partner Revealed! Age, Bio, Net Worth

Rupert Everett is an English actor, singer, songwriter, and Model.

Rupert is the nominee for BAFTA twice and is known for movies such as “Another Country” and many more.

Let’s get to know more about him.

Rupert Everett Quick Facts

Birthday: May 29, 1959

Birthplace:  Burnham, Deepdale, England

Age:  61 Years Old

Zodiac Sign: Gemini

Height: 6 Feet 3 Inches

Relationship Status: Dating

Boyfriend:  Henrique

Children: N/A

Net Worth: $20 million

Who Is Rupert Everett? Age, Family

Rupert is an actor, writer, and singer. He has tried his luck on almost everything and succeeded in most.

Rupert Everett was born on May 29, 1959, in Burnham, Deepdale, England. As of today, Everett is 61 years old.

He was born as a younger child to major Anthony Michael; he served in

British Army for years and now has his own business and to mother Sara.

Mclean and his older brother Simon Everett.

After college, Everett started his career working at the citizen’s theater.

In 1981 he played the role of gay pupil in Julian Mitchell’s play and movie called ‘Another Country.’

This earned him a BAFTA nomination.

He got a second BAFTA nomination and golden globe award for his role in ‘My best Friend’s Wedding.

He was again nominated for golden globe awards for her performance in ‘Ideal Husband.’

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Rupert Everett Coming Out As Gay

There’s no doubt people were shocked and felt skeptical when the actor opened up about being a GAY.

As for Rupert himself, he regrets coming out as gay at such early age; this had turned down many good projects for him.

The actor took a big break from the industry after his major flops.

Another major reason why Everett took a hiatus is that his sexual revelation as gay resulted in fewer and fewer opportunities.

Additionally, the actor wrote and directed, and starred in a biographical drama film, the happy prince of Oscar Wilde. And said:

“He is the beginning of the gay liberation movement, and it’s fantastic for us to know about that and hold on to it.” 

It was released in time for the 50th anniversary of the decriminalization of homosexuality.

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Who Is Rupert Everett Dating?

The Lovelife of celebrities always interests the public. But here, in his case, he has always been open about his sexuality and partners.

Rupert remains an openly gay man, and he is dating Henrique.

Rupert Everett with boyfriend Henrique
Rupert Everett with boyfriend Henrique. (JustJared)

Henrique is a Brazilian accountant, as per sources, and the duo has been dating for over a decade now.

But now he says he wouldn’t mind marrying his boyfriend.

In an interview, Rupert stated that he wants to marry his boyfriend of 11 years and feels ready for it.

He even joked about how he will have only 2-3 people present at his wedding.

Past Relationship

Before he was dating Henrique, Rupert opened up about his six years-long affairs with late Paula Yates.

She was a television presenter and writer but died due to a drug overdose.

He opened up about his affair with Paula during his interview with Piers Morgan’s life stories.

Paula was the only girl he has ever fallen in love with.

Yes, Rupert dated a girl. He mentioned how at that time, he wanted to try out everything.

Rupert Everett and Paula Yates
Rupert Everett and Paula Yates. (TheSun)

Rupert even proposed to her while she was already married to someone else.

Paula, at that time, was married to Bob Geldof’s. Chatting with piers, Rupert admitted he had no guilt over his relationship with a married woman.

Despite being married, they still were seeing each other.

But sadly, Paula rejected Rupert’s proposal because she thought Rupert wasn’t serious enough.

Sources revealed that Paula did not want to leave her husband for someone who is unsure about her.

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Gay Life & Fear of AIDS

The actor talked about the threat he felt when AIDS began. As mentioned earlier in his early struggling days, he had to work as a prostitute.

Likewise, he recalled having a promiscuous sex life right after coming to London, which made terrified him for his life.

He even mentioned how his near and dear ones were dying, and he felt helpless and guilty about the whole situation.

All this happened when Everett was rising in his career. Just imagine the kind of stress Rupert must have felt.

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Rupert Everett Madonna Feud

Rupert and Madonna were once very good friends. Both of them worked together, and that is where the rift started.  

The pair worked together on the 2000 movie The Next Best Thing, in which he played her gay best friend. The film did not do well and became a flop.

Everett mentioned in an interview that:

“To be doing a film with her and to be a friend of hers and to have been such a fan of hers. But the fallout from the movie’s failure was gigantic for me, like an outer-space explosion.”

Despite their fallout, the actor says Madonna was an amazing person and to be a part of her life was very exciting to him.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t the same from the actress’s side. She didn’t want to be included in his autobiography and refused to be a part of it. She didn’t like the book says, Rupert.

When Rupert found out that she disliked the book, he replied by saying:

“But she felt it was an infringement of privacy… Goddesses like that are obsessed with their public image and want to control everything about it, so if anyone is to tell anyone anything about her, it’s got to be her.”

To date, the duo isn’t on good terms and have moved on with their respective lives.

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Everett’s Famous Works

He has performed in many prominent films like Shrek 3, The Happy Prince, where he is seen in the voice of the character called prince charming.

And in Chronicles of Narnia, where he is seen as MR FOX.

His career was going great and uphill until he faced a major flop in the hearts of fire with bob Dylan.

It was around that time that Everett recorded and released his first album of pop songs entitled “generation of loneliness.”

Not just this, he even wrote a novel in 1989 titled “Hello Darling, Are You Working,” where he openly discussed his sexuality and came out as gay.

Again in 1995, he published his second novel, “The Hairdresser of St. Trope.”.

Rupert has written an autobiography book named “Red Carpet and Other Banana Skins,” which was officially published in 2004.

Despite doing exceptionally well in his career and having so much talent, not just in one field, coming out of the closed handicapped his career.

Everett mentioned how the revelation of his LGBTQ sexuality caused fewer work opportunities.

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Rupert Everett Net Worth

From his career that expanded to many fields and industries, Everett has managed to accumulate a large audience base.

Moreover, Rupert also earned pretty well for himself.

As of 2021, Everett has a net worth of $20 million.

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Everett’s Education

He studied at Farleigh school in Andover, Hampshire. And later, he was educated by Benedictine monks at Ampleforth College.

Finally, at the age of 16, Rupert got permission to leave school and was allowed to move out to study and train as an actor.

He went ahead to study in the central school of speech and drama in London.

In an interview, he mentioned how tough life was when he moved out that he had to work as a prostitute for money and drugs.

Rupert Everett is 61 years old. He was born on May 29, 1959, in Burnham, Deepdale, England.

Rupert Everett is 6 feet 3 inches or 190.5cm tall in height.

Rupert is dating longtime boyfriend/partner Henrique. They have been dating for over 10 years now.

Rupert Everett currently has a net worth of $20 million in 2021.

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