NFL’s Sam Ehlinger Engaged: Beautiful Fiance, Giant Net Worth

Twenty-three-year-old Sam Ehlinger is an American football quarterback drafted by Indianapolis Colts in the recent NFL draft earlier this year.

He kicked started his career back in his high school days, and with utmost hard work, he has marked his identity with the team now.

Sam Ehlinger Quick Facts

Birthday: September 30, 1998

Birthplace: Austin, Texas, USA

Age: 23 years old

Zodiac Sign: Libra

Height: 6 feet 1 inches

Weight: 100 kg (222lbs.)

Parents: Ross Herbert Ehlinger and Jena Ehlinger

Siblings: Jacob Ehlinger (Deceased) and Morgan Ehlinger

Relationship Status: Engaged

Girlfriend: Cami Jo DiGiovanni (Fiance)

Children: None

Net Worth: $4-5 Million

Sam Ehlinger Age, Background

Sam Ehlinger was born on September 30, 1998, making him 23 years old.

He hails from Austin, Texas, USA.

Sam is one of the three children of parents, Ross Herbert Ehlinger and Jena Ehlinger.

Ross Ehlinger
Ross Herbert Ehlinger. (Jane/Instagram)

Ross Herbert was an athlete and a lawyer. Sadly, he passed away.

Ross reportedly passed away due to a heart attack in 2013 while competing in the escape from the Alcatraz triathlon.

Similarly, he grew up along with two of his siblings named Jacob and Morgan Ehlinger.

Sam Ehlinger with his mother and sister
Sam Ehlinger with his mother Jane Ehlinger and sister Morgan Ehlinger.(Sam/Instagram)

Jacob played as a Texas linebacker at University of Texas.

Likewise, Morgan is completing her high school at Westlake high school.

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Death of Brother Jacob

A tragic incident startled the Ehlinger family when 20-year-old Jacob was found dead in May 2021 near the University of Texas Campus.

Sam Ehlinger with his late brother Jacob Ehlinger
Sam Ehlinger with his late brother Jacob Ehlinger. (Jane/Instagram)

This was another big loss for the family after losing their father.

Initially, the family kept quiet and did not release any statement about the cause or anything of the sort.

A few months later, the Ehlinger family released a joint statement addressing the linebacker’s death.

“As our family continues to process Jake’s death, we felt it was important to share these details with the hope that Jake will not have died in vain. We pray that sharing Jake’s story will help shed light on this problem and prevent other families from also tragically losing a loved one.”

Definitely, the whole family miss their lost and loved one whole heartedly.

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What Caused Jacob Ehlinger’s Death?

The actual reason for his death was concluded as an accident of drug overdose.

According to the family, Jacob ingested a dose of the prescription drug Xanax laced with toxic substances, including Fentanyl.

The family is still mourning over the young man’s unfortunate death.

May the lord give them all the strength. After all, it isn’t easy losing your loved ones, isn’t it?

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Sam Ehlinger Education

Sam is an alumnus of Westlake high school. Later, he attended the University of Texas at Austin.

The player started his career right from high school, being an all-time leader in passing yards.

In 2015, Sam committed to playing football for the University of Texas.

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Is Sam Ehlinger In A Relationship?

Sam currently has a partner, and her name is Cami jo Aka Cami Jodi Giovanni.

Sam Introduced Cami to the world via Instagram when he posted a picture of the two along with his mother and sister with the caption, “my girls.”

Then, in February 2021, Sam gives his fans a pleasant surprise. Sam Ehlinger is engaged to Cami Jodi Giovanni.

Sam Ehlinger and fiance Cami Jo Giovanni
Sam Ehlinger and fiance Cami Jo Giovanni. (Sam/Instagram)

Here’s a picture of how big the engagement ring is.

Cami Jo DiGiovanni engagement ring
Cami Jo DiGiovanni engagement ring. (Cami Jo/Instagram)

While Sam and Cami haven’t revealed when and were they met, both went to University of Texas.

So we presume that the couple met at the University in around 2021.

But nevertheless, it’s a relief that Sam shared his engagement moments with everyone.

Now, all that’s left to do is to wait for their wedding announcement.

Until then, here are some things you need to know about Ehlinger’s wife-to-be, Cami Jodi Giovanni.

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Who Is Partner Cami Jodi Giovanni?

Cami Jodi Giovanni, who also goes by the alias Cami Jo Digiovanni or Cami Jo, was born and raised in Southlake, Texas, United States of America.

Cami Jo DiGiovanni
Sam Ehlinger Fiance Cami Jo DiGiovanni. (Cami Jo/Facebook)

While she has kept her birth year secret, Cami Jo celebrates her birthday on July 18 every year.

As a Southlake resident, Cami Jo went to Carroll Senior High School in 2015.

While at Carroll High, Cami joined the cheerleading team and became a senior cheerleader, thanks to her skills.

Cami Jo DiGiovanni cheerleading
Cami Jo DiGiovanni cheerleading. (Carroll Senior High School)

In 2019, Cami graduated with a High School Diploma – Cum Laude.

Right after High School, Cami joined The University of Texas at Austin.

There, Cami majored in Human Dimensions of Organizations and also did a minor in Business.

Giovanni recently graduated in 2022.

While Cami finished her education in 2022, she has been working for years.

In 2017, Cami Jo joined Life’s Medicine as a Receptionist.

Later, after leaving Life’s Medicine in May 2019, Cami joined a company called Medi-Dyne Healthcare Products.

There, Cami worked from December 2020 until August 2021.

As of today, Cami Jo works as an intern at HPI Real Estate Services & Investments. She has been working there since September 2021.

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Sam Ehlinger’s Salary, Net Worth

In May 2021, Indianapolis Colts drafted Sam Ehlinger as the 218th overall pick in the draft in the sixth round.

Sam signed a 4-year-old rookie contract with the NFL franchise worth $3,6107,80.

Initially, in 2021, Sam earned just a bit over $700,000.

In 2022, Ehlinger will earn a base salary of $825,000.

Out of his $3.6 million deal with the Indianapolis Colts, Sam is guaranteed $130,708 guaranteed.

As of today, Sam Ehlinger has an estimated net worth of over $4 million.

Sam Ehlinger Age

Sam Ehlinger is 23 years old today. He was born on September 30, 1998, in Austin, Texas, United States of America.

Sam Ehlinger Parents

Sam Ehlinger was born to parents Ross Herbert Ehlinger and mother Jena Ehlinger. Unfortunately, Sam’s father Ross Ehlinger passed away in 2013.

Sam Ehlinger Siblings

Sam Ehlinger has one sister named Morgan Ehlinger and also had a brother named Jacob Ehlinger. Sadly, Jacob Ehlinger passed away in May 2021.

Sam Ehlinger Partner

Sam Ehlinger is currently engaged to his partner Cami Jo DiGiovanni who is also known as Cami Jo. The couple got engaged in February 2022.

Sam Ehlinger Salary

In 2022, Sam Ehlinger will earn a base salary of a little over $800,000.

Sam Ehlinger Net Worth

In 2022, Sam Ehlinger has an estimated net worth of $4 million.

Sam Ehlinger Height & Weight

Sam Ehlinger has a height of 6 feet 1 inches or 1.854m. Sam maintains a weight of around 100 kg or 222lbs.

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