Diego Tinoco [Actor] Wiki: Things You Need To Know, Now

Diego Tinoco is an American Tv actor best noted for the portrayal of Cesar Diaz in the comedy-drama series ‘On My Block.’

This series was a breakthrough for the actor’s career, and he has gained a massive fans ever since.

Diego Tinoco Quick Facts

Birthday: November 25, 1997

Birthplace: Anaheim, California, USA

Age: 26 years old

Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius

Height: 5 feet 7 inches

Weight: 68 kg

Relationship Status: Single

Girlfriend: Not Disclosed

Children: N/A

Net Worth: $500 thousand

Diego Tinoco Wiki, Age, Bio

Diego Tinoco was born on November 25, 1997, making him 26 years old.

He hails from Anaheim, California, USA.

He is the son of Mexican immigrants who came to United States before late 90s.

Diego Tinoco with his father
Diego Tinoco with his father. (Diego/Instagram)

His mother belongs to Colombian descent, and his dad is of Mexican descent.

Diego grew up along with his elder sibling named Luigi Tinoco.

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Is Diego Tinoco In A Relationship?

As it looks like, Diego isn’t dating anyone today. At least not publicly.

In multiple instances, Diego stated that he is only getting started in regards to his acting career.

As a result, the actor intends to avoid relationships or any other similar distractions so as to focus on his budding Hollywood career.

Mostly, Diego spends time with his friends and family.

Everyone has one as far as celebrity crushes go, and Diego isn’t an exception here.

Tinoco’s current crush is actress Ana De Armas.

He expressed his desire to collaborate with her in the future.

Similarly, Diego revealed that Ariana Grande was his first crush.

But apart from this information about his crushes, there’s hardly anything about a possible girlfriend figure.

So, what about any previous romantic affairs in Diego’s life?

Did he date co-star Sierra Capri who appeared as his on-screen beau on ‘‘On My Block’’? Let’s find out.

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Are Diego and Sierra Capri Together?

Actors are quite often associated with their co-stars, and those rumors pick up headlines in no time. Well, this was the same case with Diego.

Diego stars in the comedy-drama series ‘‘On My Block.’ and there, fans see him romancing his co-star Monse Finne who is portrayed by actress Sierra Capri.

Diego Tinoco with on-screen girlfriend Sierra Capri
Diego Tinoco with on-screen girlfriend Sierra Capri. (YouTube)

Soon after the series aired back in 2018, the duo’s undeniable chemistry in the show had an impact on the viewers, which raised questions.

There were speculations that something was going on between the couple off-screen.

The on-screen portrayal of their characters and the platonic relationship between the two almost convinced the viewers that the pair was a thing in real life as well.

Addressing and rubbishing the rumors, Diego states during an interview,

“Sierra is such a great actress. Working with her, instantly, we can just jump into it. I honestly couldn’t have asked for a better scene partner. Especially for my first TV show, having a girlfriend. I couldn’t have asked for a better screen lover.”

The two deny such rumors and clarify to the audience that they are single and that whatever the two had was just for the screens.

Even after the clarification, the fans didn’t stop shipping to two, and the questions about their actual relationship still lingered.

Without a doubt, the fans yearned to see two of their favorites have a real-life romance as well, which sadly couldn’t happen.

However, if we go by what the actor had to say about his relationship status as single, we will go with that.

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Initial Career Struggle

His ambition to become an actor began at an early age. At the age of 11, he traveled to Los Angeles for his first appointment with an agent, but it didn’t work out.

At the age of 16, he tried again, but this time he put everything on the line.

Fortunately, it worked out, and he got a role as Cesar in the famous Netflix show.

Diego put everything on the line for the danger of getting nothing. He abandoned a nice life at home in search of a new one elsewhere.

Tinoco graduated from high school with nothing but ambition and a desire to work in Hollywood.

In that process, Diego has learned a lot, met a lot of people, and lost a lot as well.

“I’ve lost a lot of great people but have also met a whole ton of incredible souls.”

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What Is Diego Tinoco’s Net Worth, Salary?

The actor started learning acting when he was 12.

It had always been his greatest hobby, but he wasn’t very sure about pursuing it until he started getting offers for prominent roles.

Diego has an amazing height of 5 feet 7 inches and a striking physique, a perk for his career.

Now, the actor has been a part of a handful of movies, but he has never discussed the salary for either of those.

Salaries are usually the best-kept secret of the celebs, and impossible for us to find out the exact figure.

However, we know for a fact that, as of 2022, he has an estimated net worth of $500,000 in 2022.

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Diego Tinoco Now

Since his debut in the industry, the actor has been a part of a handful of movies, and they are: ‘Teen Wolf,’ ‘Knights of the Zodiac, ‘And welcome to Valhalla.’

One of his recent works is the comedy-drama series ‘On My Block,’ which ended its fourth and final season in 2021.

Since then, the actor hasn’t been seen in any other movies or series.

Nevertheless, his fans are hopeful that the actor will come back with a bang with another prominent role this year.

Diego Tinoco is 26 years old today. He was born on November 25, 1997, in Anaheim, California, United States of America.

Diego Tinoco grew up speaking Spanish as his native language. He comes from a mixed background of Colombian and Mexican descent.

As of today, Diego Tinoco does not have a girlfriend. At least not publicly.

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