George Farmer Age, Bio, Candace Owens Husband, Kids, $180M Net Worth

George Farmer, an influential businessman from London, has made headlines for his marriage to conservative commentator Candace Owens.

The couple met at the launch of Turning Point UK in December 2018, and after just three weeks of dating, Farmer proposed and they were engaged.

The couple went on to get married twice, with a small private ceremony in August 2019 and a larger one later that month.

They welcomed their first child in January 2021 and their second in July 2022.

Farmer’s career began at the London Metal Exchange, and he went on to found his own successful company, Red Kite Group.

George Farmer Quick Facts

Full NameGeorge Farmer
Nick NameGeorge
Age35 years old
Birth PlaceLondon England
EducationSt. Peter’s College
Father’s NameLord Michael Farmer
Mother’s NameLady Jennifer Potts
Height5 feet 11 inches (1.8m)
Weight84kg (185 lbs)
Shoe Size12
Hair ColorBrown
Eye ColorBrown
Physique (Figure)Fit
Relationship StatusMarried
WifeCandace Owens
DaughterLouise Marie Farmer
Famous AsCandace Owens’ Husband
Net Worth$180 Million
Social Media

Who Is George Farmer? Age, Birthday

George farmer is an influential businessman who, in fact, followed in his father’s footsteps. He was born in 1989, in London, England.

He is 35 years old.

He’s of British origin. Besides his wealthiness and fame, his attractive looks can’t go unnoticed.

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George Farmer And Wife Candace Owens

Candace Owens is a political personality, basically well known for political commentary, activism, talk shows, and conservative views.

She was born on April 29, 1989, in Stamford, US. She graduated high school from Stamford High School.

Later, she joined the University of Rhode Island to pursue journalism but failed to earn a degree as she had to drop out.

Soon, she interned at Vogue Magazine, New York, and later shifted towards Finance jobs.

In the meanwhile, Owens started posting anti-Trump content, making fun of him. However, to everyone’s surprise, by 2017, she had turned into a conservative supporter of Trump. 

As of 2024, she is friends with Trump and his family. Candace’s friendship with the Trump family is so well-established that she goes against anyone who criticizes Donald Trump of the family.

She also started the “Blexit” movement to encourage African Americans, Minorities, and Latinos to switch from Democrats to Republicans.

Candace has her own show, named “The Candace Owens Show,” and also has her own youtube channel.

She has also published a book, “Blackout: How Black America Can Make Its Second Escape from the Democrat Plantation,” which is quite a seller.

Owens continuously shares her ideologies through her social media accounts, talk shows, and political events. 

She is against various burning topics in the world like the black lives movement, feminism, abortion, and welfare programs.

Well, her ideology totally sums up regarding her being a Trump supporter, don’t they?

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George & Candace First Meet

The pair got to meet at the launch of Turning Point UK in December 2018.

During the event, Candace was the addressee, and Farmer got intimidated by the way she presented herself.

Afterward, Farmer walked up to her and initiated a conversation.

Thus, the following day, the two of them went on a dinner date, and that’s how and when it all started.

After three weeks into dating, surprisingly, George proposed to Candice, and she let him put a ring on her finger.

They made their engagement official after returning from South Africa on the occasion of Valentine’s day.

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George Farmer And Candace Owens Married Twice!

Well, this isn’t a type or anything of that sort. The 35-year-old and his sweetheart married each other twice.

Initially, Farmer and Owens planned to get married on August 31, 2019. However, three weeks prior, the couple thought of something else.

Candace suggested having a small wedding in early August, with only her husband and a couple of people attending.

Mainly because Candace always imagined having a small wedding.

The republican couple informed about their decision to their wedding planner and photographer, both of whom are their friends. And their pastor.

Candace Owens and husband George Farmer Wedding 1
Candace Owens and husband George Farmer Wedding on August 6, 2019. (Candace/Instagram)

With just planning of fewer than 48 hours, Candace and George went to Trump Winery and got married in a local church there.

The couple’s pastor, David Nasser, organized an acoustic band that played Farmer and Owens’ favorite song as they walked down the aisle.

On August 6, 2019, George Farmer married his beautiful bride, Candace Owens.

Now that the small wedding was over, it was time for the bigger ones, the ones with lots of people attending.

Instead of changing the dates, Candace and George stuck with their initial planned day. August 31, 2019.

Candace Owens and husband George Farmer Wedding
Candace Owens and husband George Farmer August 31, 2019 Wedding.(Candace/Instagram)

The couple exchanged their vows for the second time, but this time, in front of a larger audience.

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George Farmer & Candace Owens Son

Candace announced her pregnancy in August 2020 through her Instagram post.

On January 23, 2021, Candace shared a heartwarming picture of her newborn baby boy.

Candace Owens and George Farmer's Son
Candace Owens and George Farmer’s Son. (Candace/Instagram)

“It’s true what they say— the whole world stops when your child is born.


My firstborn son

“Children are a gift from the Lord; they are a reward from him.”

Candace welcomed her second child with George.

George Farmer and Candace Owens' daughter Louise Marie Farmer
George Farmer and Candace Owens’ daughter Louise Marie Farmer. (Candace/Instagram)

On July 14, 2022, Candace and George welcomed their daughter, Louise Marie Farmer. The baby was born healthy and without any medical complications.

George Farmer Family, Parents, Siblings

George was born to a highly prosperous family.

His parents, namely, Lord Michael Farmer and Lady Jennifer Potts, were both well established and well known throughout.

Farmer has two younger siblings.

Although not much is known about his mother and siblings, his father, Michael, is an acclaimed businessman and politician.


Farmer completed his high school level education from St.Paul’s School for boys.

Later, in 2008, George enrolled in St.Peter’s College for further studies and thus, received a degree in Theology.

While in college, he was a member of the all-male dining club “Bullingdon Boys,” which has been running for over 200 years.

However, his membership was only granted as his father founded the club.

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George Farmer’s Career Outline

The 35-years-old started his career from scratch when he was only 18 and working as an account clerk at London Metal Exchange.

Further, he headed onto various metal companies gathering as much experience and knowledge as he could.

Afterward, he founded his own company with other partners, “Red Kite Group,” which governed the copper market worldwide.

Thus, leading him and the company to earn fortunes in the metal industry.

As the company grew, they enlarged it into the hedge fund business, which focused on mine investments and finance.

Moreover, George got into politics in 2006. In particular, his political party is conservative.

Farmer has devoted most of his political time to advocating for various issues like women’s homelessness, domestic violence, the mental health of all age groups, etc.,

Additionally, he also has indulged in political activities that eventually benefit the citizens.

Currently, he is a member of the House of Lords and Conservative foundation.

Similarly, in 2016, Farmer became the youngest member of The Leader’s Group. The group gives access to the Prime Minister after one has donated a minimum of £50,000 annually.

Parler Controversy

Back in mid-2016, George found himself amidst a series of controversies after he became the CEO of widely admired and equally criticized social media app called The Parler.

The app in question The Parler is a simple social media tool like Facebook and Twitter but with one agenda; to grant unmoderated free speech to all the right-wing supporters of 45th President of USA, Donald Trump.

The Parler reportedly had over 15 million users. It remained popular amongst people who were banned on other social media platforms because of their explicit remarks or people who did not like moderations present in mainstream apps.

The app later found itself in trouble as authorities and general public implicated it being the discussion ground for the January 6 Insurrection.

Major app platforms like Google Playstore and Apple App Stores removed the app from their listing as it became a threat to the general public because of lack of moderation.

However, since George Farmer took over the app as the CEO, it managed to get back inside the Apple App Store.

But, the app still remains controversial.

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George Farmer Net Worth

As mentioned earlier, Farmer walked in the footsteps of his father. Being the eldest child, he looks after the majority of the crucial affairs of the company and its business. 

Farmer’s actual position in his father’s hedge business remains undisclosed at the moment.

But people know that he has played a significant role in the expansion of business and maximization of profit.

From his business ventures, George Farmer reportedly has a massive net worth of $180 million.

On the other hand, his wife, Candace Owens, has a net worth of $1 million.

George Farmer is 35 years old. He was born in 1989, in London, England.

George Farmer is 5 feet 11 inches or 180 cm tall in height.

George Farmer has a net worth of $180 million in 2024.

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