Pioladitingancia [Abreu Sosa] Age, Girlfriend, Height, Net Worth

Pioladitingancia is a 28-year-old social media personality, YouTuber, and actor who witnessed soaring success after struggling for years which had to do with his dwarfism.

He is often seen around women flexing his extravagant lifestyle, which amasses quite a lot of criticisms, yet he does what makes him happy.

Pioladitingancia Quick Facts

Birthday: October 5, 1993

Birthplace: Dominican Republic

Age: 28 years old 

Zodiac Sign: Libra

Height: 4 feet 8 inches

Weight: 55 kg

Relationship Status: Dating

Girlfriend: Lynn

Children: None

Net Worth: $300,000 – $400,000

Pioladitingancia Age, Background

Pioladitingancia was born on October 5, 1993, making him 28 years old at present.

He hails from the Dominican Republic and belongs to the Dominican-American ethnicity.

Similarly, the 28-year-old hasn’t disclosed any further details regarding his parents and their whereabouts.

A while back, he posted about his mother with the caption Mami Chula which means hot mama in Spanish.

He is the only child of his parents.

Furthermore, Abreu prefers keeping his personal life details to himself, limiting the details he shares with his followers and media.

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Who is Pioladitingancia Dating?

In all his posts, the social media personality lives a lavish lifestyle that he proudly brags about.

It doesn’t stop there; he is seen around girls in almost every post he makes, making us hard to get any hint about his relationship.

Abreu enjoys the company and presence of young girls around him, for which he is highly criticized at times yet he continues doing what he does and what makes him happy.

Besides, he was rumored to be dating Sarodg Bertin, a Haitian lawyer better known as the beauty pageant contestant.

However, it was just a rumor, and the fans didn’t get any clearance about their relationship, which eventually faded with time.

Now, from his Instagram posts, a woman who goes by the Instagram name Lynn is his current girlfriend.

The couple made it official a few months back and always appeared smitten.

Have a look!

Pioladitingancia with his girlfriend Lynn
Pioladitingancia with his girlfriend Lynn. (Lynn/Instagram)

The majority of his followers don’t seem to approve of his relationship with Lynn, but their approval certainly matters less to the 28-year-old.

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What Is Pioladitingancia’s Height? Health issues

Abreu’s child-like appearance intrigued many questions about his physique.

Pioladitingancia is often ridiculed for his height or confused for being a kid when in reality, he is a 28-year-old man.

Many people online and in real life mock him for his 4 feet 8 inches height and child-like appearance.

But what many don’t know is about his health issue. Abreu has a growth hormone deficiency, also called dwarfism.

Despite that, he stays confident and accepts the way he is very gracefully.

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Net Worth

Abreu was always passionate about acting, but he struggled to find some good roles due to his child-like appearance.

So, he turned to social media and YouTube, where he would post daily vlogs and other fun kinds of stuff along with his friends.

He owns a YouTube channel named, Pioladitingancia with 102k subscribers.

After he hit one million on his Instagram page, Abreu’s fame rose significantly, which opened doors for other big opportunities.

He endorses brands, hosts the BET networks show, BET excess season 2, and runs a youtube channel that earns him good fortune annually.

As a host, he has an annual income of $80k and almost $5-$7 K from the paid promotions and sponsored posts.

As of 2022, Abreu has an estimated net worth figure of around $300,000-$400,000.

His Instagram posts are evidence of this extravagant lifestyle.

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Pioladitingancia In 2022

Pioladitingancia has been working as the host of BET networks Bet Excess Season 2. Since then, he has featured in shows like ‘Exce$$,’ ‘Wild N Out,’ and many more.

With the rise in his prominence, he made his acting debut in Napoleon’s film, ‘Trabajo Sucio’ in 2018.

He continues doing YouTube and also hosts the BET networks show.

Furthermore, he has some projects lined up, which will be revealed shortly.

Abreu has come a long way since his struggling days.

Starting from simple videos on social media, he now has created an identity for himself in the industry and accomplished his passion.

Pioladitingancia Age

Pioladitingancia is 28 years old right now. His real name is Abreu Sosa and he was born on October 5, 1993.

Pioladitingancia Height

Pioladitingancia is 5 feet 8 inches or 176 cm tall in height.

Pioladitingancia Girlfriend

Pioladitingancia is currently dating an Instagram model named Lynn.

Pioladitingancia Net Worth

Pioladitingancia currently has a net worth that’s around $300,000 – $400,000.

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