Tony Lopez Age, Girlfriend, Sexual Misconduct, Net Worth

Tony Lopez is best known as a TikToker, YouTube, and a social media personality.

However, earlier this year, a huge controversy put his reputation and career at stake. Moreover, he was labeled as a problematic, controversial character.

Tony Lopez Quick Facts

Birthday: August 19, 1999

Birthplace: Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Age: 22 Years Old

Zodiac Sign: Leo

Height: 5 feet 8 inches

Relationship Status: Dating

Girlfriend: Sarah Jade Bleau

Children: None

Weight: 57 KG

Net Worth: $7 Million

Tony Lopez Background

Tony was born on August 19, 1999. As of today, Tony is 22 years old.

Lopez grew up in a strict Christian family and brought up by religious parents.

Additionally, we get to see the mother-son duo together often in his Instagram posts.

Tony Lopez and his mother
Tony Lopez and his mother. (Tony/Instagram)

His father is Cuban, and his mother comes of German, English, and Scottish descent.

Likewise, Lopez grew up alongside his two siblings, Ondreaz and Xavier.

Furthermore, he graduated from Lawrence high school.

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Tony Lopez Relationships

The famous Tiktoker is often linked with other famous personalities in his field.

Many speculated about his relationship with different women until he came out clean about his actual partner.

Before that, let’s know about his alleged partners.

Tony reportedly had a fling with YouTuber Nikita Dragun.

In another instance, he also possibly had a relationship with social media personality Sofi Dossi for the longest time.

The videos they made together sparked a possible relationship between them.

However, Tony denied and slammed down all the rumors about dating the two and assured the fans that both girls were very good friends.

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Who is Tony Lopez dating now in 2021?

Despite all the rumors, Tony remains in a committed relationship with his girlfriend, Sarah Jade Bleau.

Tony Lopez and his girlfriend Sarah Jade Bleau
Tony Lopez and his girlfriend Sarah Jade Bleau. (Tony/Instagram)

Like Tony, Sarah is an influencer and TikToker, most famous for her killer dancing skills.

Their relationship rumors initially started back in October 2020 where the two were seen dropping comments in each other’s posts and videos.

Lopez and Bleau teased their fans by dropping small hints.

It wasn’t until November of 2020 that the pair officially confirmed their association through an Instagram post.

Lopez and Bleau remain head over heels for each other.

Both social media stars never shy away from publicly acknowledging the bond they share.

Similarly, fans can’t help but gush about the adorable pictures the pair often shares.

Without a doubt, they make a fine pair!

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Tony Lopez Sexual Misconduct Case

The 22-year-old TikTok star was accused and sued for sexual battery and emotional distress by two teenagers earlier this year.

As the lawsuit alleges, Tony engaged in a sexual act and solicited inappropriate pictures from the minors.

It further mentioned that Tony attempted to coerce them into sexual encounters knowing well that they were underage.

Victim one also claimed that Lopez urged her to keep their relationship a secret.

Another teenager filed a lawsuit against Tony for allegedly soliciting nude pictures from her and sending inappropriate pictures in return. 

“This was what she had to say, and I guess it never clicked in his head that I was not 20 years old, but as you can see here, he continued to say s–t knowing that I wasn’t of age. But predators don’t care!”

However, he denied all the allegations and said,

“These allegations are not at all true. I never sent nudes to these women and didn’t ask them to send me pictures either. And I certainly wouldn’t have sex with someone who told me they were underage.”

Lopez further clarified,

“This whole thing seems like a money grab to me. I’m going to fight it to the very end. I will not allow them to continue to slander my name and attack my character.”

Despite Tony vehemently defending himself, his fellow TikTok stars started distancing themselves from him.

Slowly, people began labeling him a problematic character by everyone.

Many brands and Tik Tok groups dropped affiliations altogether after the messy drama.

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What happened to Tony Lopez?

After these claims and allegations, things got pretty rough for Tony, personally as well professionally.

His fellow TikTok stars and his Hype housemates backed out from supporting him after the controversy got messier.

It is a very sensitive topic nobody wanted to get into, not even his own girlfriend!

Sarah had to deal with a series of interrogative questions from the paparazzi about the whole drama.

Sadly, her relationship with Tony dragged her into a mess that’s not her doing in any manner.

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Net Worth

Tony rose to fame quickly through TikTok.

Lopez became the heartthrob of many young girls in no time, all thanks to his entertaining video that earned him millions of followers.

He is also a social media personality and YouTuber.

As of 2021, he has a net worth of $7 million.

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What is Tony Lopez up to in 2021?

Tony is still very active on his TikTok and YouTube channel, where he posts challenges, dance videos, and other entertainment content.

The 22-years-old continues his work as a social media personality and has moved on for the better.

However, there are still a lot of criticisms and disapproval he faces for the lawsuit.

Tony Lopez Age

Tony Lopez is 22 years old today. He was born on August 19, 1999, in Las Vegas, Nevada, United States of America.

Tony Lopez Siblings

Tony Lopez has two brothers. One is Ondreaz and the other is Xavier.

Tony Lopez Girlfriend

Tony Lopez is currently dating Sarah Jade Bleau, an Instagram model and TikTok star.

Tony Lopez Net Worth

Tony Lopez currently has a net worth of $7 million as of 2021.

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