Ouleye Ndoye Warnock Age, Raphael Warnock, Divorce, Now In 2022

Ouleye Ndoye Warnock is a global leader with decade-long experience in numerous governmental and non-governmental organizations.

She passionately advocates for issues faced by women and children in society today.

Learn more about Ouleye Ndoye Warnock in the article. 

Ouleye Ndoye Warnock Quick Facts

Birthday: 1985  

Birthplace: New York, USA

Age: 38 years old

Zodiac Sign: Unknown

Height: 5 feet 5 inches

Relationship Status: Divorced  

Husband: Raphael Warnock [Ex-Husband]

Children: Two                                 

Weight: 65 kg

Net Worth: Unknown

Ouleye Ndoye Warnock Age, Background

Ouleye Ndoye Warnock was born in the year 1985.

Unfortunately, her precise date of birth remains unknown.

At present, she is 38 years old.

She was born and raised in New York, USA.

Similarly, Ndoye was born to parents Ousseynou and Mariama Ndoye.

Ouleye Ndoye Warnock with her parents Ousseynou Ndoye and Mariama Ndoye
Ouleye Ndoye Warnock with her parents Ousseynou Ndoye and Mariama Ndoye. (Facebook)

Her father, Ousseynou Ndoye was born in Senegal, a country in West Africa. He comes from black ethnicity background.

On the other hand, Ouleye’s mother, Mariama Ndoye is a Illinois, United States of America native who comes from white ethnicity background.

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Ndoye’s Education

Ouleye, born in New York, later moved to Atlanta, Georgia, for undergraduate.

In Atlanta, she attended Spellman College and graduated with a major in international studies.

Furthermore, she went ahead to do a double masters from two universities.

Initially, Ndoye attended the University of Oxford, from where she graduated with an M.Sc. degree in Migration and International Development.

Later, Ouleye joined Columbia University and got another Master’s degree in Arts, majoring in History.

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Ouleye Ndoye Warnock Married Life

Ndoye was previously married to American pastor and Politician Raphael Warnock.

The pastor proposed his lady love Ouleye in January 2016 at the historic MCK church after their long-term relationship.

Ouleye Ndoye Warnock with her ex-husband Raphael Warnock on their wedding day
Ouleye Ndoye Warnock with her ex-husband Raphael Warnock on their wedding day. (Facebook)

A month later, the same year, the two got married in a public wedding ceremony on February 14, 2016.

From their marriage, Ouleye and Raphael welcomed two beautiful children.

Ouleye Ndoye Warnock and Raphael Warnock's children
Ouleye Ndoye Warnock and Raphael Warnock’s children. (Facebook)

However, because of privacy reasons, Ouleye and Raphael have not revealed their children’s names.

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Who Is Husband Raphael Warnock?

Raphael is a senior pastor in Ebenezer Baptist Church and also serves as a junior United States senator of Georgia.

Born on July 23, 1969, Raphael grew up in a very large family with his parents and 11 siblings.

While his religious works remain prominent, Warnock has brought various changes in the law for good.

On March 15, 2022, Warnock co-sponsored an amendment that urged to raise the minimum wage to $15 per hour.

Now, Warnock has plans to seek election to a full term this year in 2022.

While his professional life seems to climb the ladder, his personal life with his wife Ouleye shattered to pieces.

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Ouleye and Raphael Divorce

Things started turning sour for the couple, and they split in 2019.

It wasn’t a mutually decided separation that happened a year later, in 2020, when Ndoye accused the senator of running over her foot during a domestic argument.

She stated that he tried to drive away with their children while she was standing right beside the car.

Police body camera footage revealed a teary-eyed Ndoye explaining to authorities about their argument and the incident that took place after.

On the other side, the senator denied the whole allegation.

He stated to the police that she was standing by the car when he slowly drove away.

It caused her to go all mad, create a scene and even call cops on him.

Upon investigation, the medic didn’t find any visible injury like broken bones or swelling.

It certainly did look like an exaggerated case of domestic arguments or just her tactics to defame him.

The pair was in a tiff for the divorce that has caused the entire argument to take place.

The divorce was finalized in May 2020.

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Was Raphael Convicted?

No, authorities did not charge the senator for any of the accusations Ouleye made against him.

The main reason why the police did not find Raphael guilty was because of a lack of evidence against him regarding the alleged assault on Ouleye.

After the divorce, it looks like both Raphael and Ouleye are keeping a low personal life profile.

Presumably, Ouleye is single at the moment.

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Ouleye’s Career

Ouleye, who has a double master’s, has worked in a major position in her field.

Over the years, Ndoye has contributed in different fields like policy analysis, archival research, community organization, and international relations.

As of today, Ouleye works as a National Coordinator at American Baptist Home Mission Societies.

Along with her role as a National Coordinator, she also looks after Scholarships and Emerging Leaders programs.

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What Is Ouleye Ndoye Warnock In 2022?

Ouleye Ndoye Warnock has actively worked as a global leader and advocate for issues women and children face in society.

She strives for the welfare of society and speaks for human rights policy advisor.

Ouleye Ndoye Warnock Age

Ouleye Nodye is 38 years old today. She was born in 1985 in New York, United States of America.

Ouleye Ndoye Warnock Husband

Ouleye Ndoye Warnock was previously married to pastor and politician Raphael Warnock. The couple married in February 14, 2016. However, Ouleye and Raphael divorced in May 2020.

Ouleye Ndoye Warnock Children

Ouleye Ndoye Warnock and ex-husband Raphael Warnock have two children together. A boy and a girl.

Ouleye Ndoye Warnock Now

Today, the 38-years-old Ouleye Ndoye works as a National Coordinator at American Baptist Home Mission Societies.

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