Tara Beane Bio – Age, Husband Billy Beane, Net Worth

Billy Beane is married to a very beautiful lady. Her name is Tara Beane. Mother to two and step-mother to one, Tara has always remained a mystery to everyone.

Here’s everything that you need to know about Tara. Age, married life, family, children, and more.  

Tara Beane Quick Facts

Birthday: August 11, 1964

Birthplace: San Diego, California, United States of America

Age: 56 years old

Zodiac Sign: Leo

Height: 5 feet 5 inches

Relationship Status: Married

Husband: Billy Beane (Retired MLB Player)

Children: Brayden Beane (Son), Tinsley Beane (Daughter), and Casey Beane (Step-daughter)

Tara Beane Bio, Birthday, Age

Wife to Billy Beane, famous retired MLB player, Tara Beane was born on August 11, 1964, in San Diego, California, United States of America.

Although the whole world knows her as Tara Beane, her real name is Tara Marie Graves.

Today, Tara is 56 years old, and her zodiac sign is Leo.

Tara grew up in San Diego, for the most part, lived in California.

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Tara Beane Married, Husband, Wedding

As mentioned earlier, Tara is married to one of the most famous MLB players from the 80s, Billy Beane.

The couple has known each other from a very young age as both grew up in San Diego.

Although Billy was born in Florida, his family later moved to California and resided in San Diego.  

However, there was no romantic spark between Tara and Billy in their young days.

It was only years after Billy retired from professional baseball.

After reconnecting years later in the late 90s, Billy and Tara fell in love.

In 1998, after Billy took a job as a General Manager for Oakland Athletics and the following year in 1999, he decided to marry Tara.

Although the exact wedding date remains a mystery, it’s most likely that Billy and Tara married between January and February of 1999.

Billy was 37 years old, and Tara was 35-years old at that time.

Billy said that he had to get married during winter. That’s how it goes for someone engaged in Baseball.

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Billy Beane’s First Wife

If you did not know, it’s not Billy’s first marriage with Tara.

He was married before.

Before Tara came into his life years later in the 90s, Billy was married to another woman named Cathy Sturdivant.

The couple remained married for a couple of years and also welcomed a daughter.

Her name is Casey Beane.

However, later on, Billy and Cathy got divorced, and the reason for their divorce remains a secret.

Children, Family

When Tara married Billy, she became a step-mother to Billy’s daughter Casey Beane from his first marriage.

Later on, after marrying Tara, the couple decided to start their own family as well.

In the mid-2000s, Tara gave birth to twins.

Billy and Tara became parents to a son Brayden Beane, and a daughter Tinsley Beane.

Today, the Beane family lives together in their Oregon home.

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Step Daughter Casey Beane

Tara’s step-daughter Casey Beane is a lot older than her own children.

Casey Beane went to Sage Hill School and graduated in 2008.

After high school graduation, Casey joined Kenyon College in 2008.

Casey graduated from Kenyon College in 2012.

Right after graduation, Casey joined Citadel, an investment firm, in 2012 as an Investor Relations.

In 2016, Casey joined the Finance and Accounting department.

After nearly seven years at Citadel, Casey joined Balyasny Asset Management L.P.

Currently, Casey Beane works as a Director for Client Relationship Group, based in Chicago, Illinois.

Net Worth

In 2020, Tara Beane has a massive net worth of over $10 million.

This comes under the assumption that she and her husband share their financials as one.

Today, Billy Beane earns a massive annual salary of $3 million.

In 2019, Billy had a net worth of $6 million.

Now in 2020, he has a net worth of $14 million.

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