Paula Andrea Bongino [Dan Bongino Wife] Untold Truth!

Paula Andrea Bongino is best known as the wife of an American conservative political commentator the radio show host.

Dan also served as a secret service agent during former USA president George W. Bush’s tenure.

Dan is also known to be a controversial character being in the spotlight for mostly wrong reasons or about his statements intended as a shade to someone.

Paula Andrea Bongino Quick Facts

Birthday: 1976

Birthplace: California, Columbia

Age: 46 years old

Zodiac Sign: Leo

Height: 5 feet 9 inches

Weight: 59 kg

Relationship Status: Married

Husband: Dan Bongino

Children: Isabel Bongino and Amelia Bongino

Net Worth: $2 Million

Paula Andrea Bongino Age Background

Paula Andrea Bongino, also known as Paula Andrea Martinez, hails from Cali, Colombia.

She was born in 1976. As of today, Paula is 46 years old.

This means that she is one year younger than her 47-year-old husband, Dan Bongino.

Additionally, her life before popularity or her parents’ details remain undisclosed.

She is more of a lowkey person when it comes to revealing her life details.

Similarly, Paula graduated from Baruch College in New York.

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Who Is Paula Andrea Bongino’s Husband?

Paula Andrea Bongino and husband Dan Bongino
Paula Andrea Bongino and husband Dan Bongino. (Dan/Instagram)

Paula Andrea is married to her beloved husband, Dan Bongino.

The pair first met on an arranged date, aka a blind date, set up by one of their friends.

They had their first meet-up in Sullivan restaurant in New York in August of the 2000s.

She was working as a director of web development, and he was trying to make a career for himself in law enforcement.

It was almost like love at first sight for Dan, but the feeling wasn’t mutual for Paula, so the pair went out on several more dates.

Maybe his gestures and caring nature won her heart.

Eventually, Dan hit the hot rod and proposed to his ladylove in the place the couple met for the first time years ago.

However, it wasn’t all smiles for this couple even after wanting to marry each other.

Paula’s mother wasn’t very impressed with her new son-in-law.

Maybe it was their cultural difference or her reasons that caused the hurdle.

Dan comes from an Italian background, whereas his ladylove is an American native.

But all was well in the end.

The two married in the year 2003 after dating for several years.

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From their union, they share two daughters.

Paula Andrea Bongino and husband Dan Bongino with daughters Isabel and Amelia
Paula Andrea Bongino and husband Dan Bongino with daughters Isabel and Amelia. (Dan/Instagram)

The eldest one is Isabel Bongino, born in 2004.

Their youngest daughter is Amelia Bongino. Amelia was born in 2012.

The family shares a great bond even though their appearance together is a rare sight.

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Who Is Her Husband, Dan Bongino?

Dan was born on December 4, 1974, in Queens, NY, USA.

He is best known as a political commentator, radio host, and former secret service agent.

During George W Bush’s secret term, he was assigned to the protection Division and remained on duty until former President Barack Obama’s victory.

Later, he ran for US senator three times once, all unsuccessful attempts in 2012, 2014, and 2016.

Furthermore, Dan has his podcast named Dan Bongino podcast show.

Now, Dan also became quite famous for a controversial statement intended toward big personalities or issues.

Earlier this year, he was in the limelight for calling Joe Biden the worst president ever and had his full support for the former president, Donald Trump.

Lastly, he is the author of six books, while some made their way up as best sellers.

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Marriage Secret

When it comes to maintaining a loving relationship as husband and wife, Dan and Paula are kind of like pros.

On February 14, 2022, Dan and Paula went candid about their marriage and the secret behind its success.

“Don’t take the relationship for granted. Great marriages aren’t always easy. You have to work at it,” said Dan Bongino — and that work is worth it. There are 10 million good times for the 100 or so times [that] you guys are at each other’s throats. [Marriage] is the most enriching and rewarding relationship of your life.”

Paula and Dan both had childhoods where their respective parents divorced.

Because of this reason, Paula wanted to give their children something different.

“I just wanted to give my kids a good place to come home to.”

Those are some simple yet powerful things that contribute to a successful marriage and a family.

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Where Is Paula Andrea Bongino In 2022?

Paula keeps her private life details, but neither has she shared her professional life.

But back in 2012, the pair started their own three different venture, which was a business from home.

They sell martial arts equipment, design websites, and consult on security and risk management.

Paula has an estimated net worth of $2 million as of now. On the other hand, her better half has a net worth figure of $8 million.

Paula Andrea Bongino Age

Paula Andrea Bongino is 46 years old today. She was born in 1976, in Cali, Colombia.

Paula Andrea Bongino Husband

Paula Andrea Bongino is married to famous author, journalist, and former secret service agent Dan Bongino. The couple married in 2003.

Paula Andrea Bongino Children

Paula Andrea Bongino and her husband Dan Bongino have two daughters. Their names are Isabel Bongino and Amelia Bongino.

Paula Andrea Bongino Career

Paula has multiple businesses. However, she mainly focuses on technology.

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